Textverified: What Textverified Is and How It Functions?

Textverified is a service that allows businesses to verify the identity of their customers through text. Its a relatively new technology thats quickly growing in popularity and for good reason. Textverified is a great way to keep your customers safe and ensure that they are who they say they are. It eliminates the need for customers to provide extraneous information, such as their drivers license or social security number.

Simply send them a text message with a code, and they can confirm their identity by responding with the code. Textverified is perfect for businesses that want to protect their customer data and keep it safe. It also makes the checkout process faster and more efficient, as customers dont need to enter any other information other than the code they received in their text message. If youre looking for a technology that can protect your customers and streamline your checkout process, look no further than Textverified.

What is Textverified?

Textverified is a new authentication service that uses verified text messages to ensure the identity of a user. The Textverified app creates a virtual security key for the user and sends a verification message to their phone. Once the user receives the verification message, they can trust that the text was actually sent by the intended recipient.

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Textverified is designed to be used in conjunction with other forms of authentication, such as 2-factor authentication or password managers. By using multiple forms of authentication, you can ensure that your account is safe no matter what happens on your device.

Textverified is currently available on Android phones and is planned for release on iOS in the near future.

What Are the Benefits of Textverified?

Textverified is a verification service that uses text messages to confirm the authenticity of a product or service. By verifying an entitys identity using text messages, you can be sure that the information you are providing is accurate.

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Textverified offers several benefits over other verification methods. First, it is fast and easy. Second, it is reliable because it relies on the security of SMS messaging. Finally, it is affordable, as you only need to send a small number of SMS messages to verify an entitys identity.

How does Textverified work?

Textverified is a verification feature on Facebook that allows users to confirm the authenticity of a message through the use of a phone number or email address. Once you have entered your information, Textverified will send you a text message with a link that you can use to verify the authenticity of the message.

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If everything looks correct, you will be able to click on the link and view the original message. If something is wrong, you can click on the link and send a correction to Facebook.


Textverified is a new feature that Google has just announced. What this means is that if you want your website to be shown in the Google search results for a specific query, then you will need to include a text-verified badge on your website. The requirements for including this badge are simple:

You need to have a Google verification code and you need to verify the text on your website. Once you have both of these things verified, all you have to do is add the code back onto your site, and presto! Your website will show up as being text verified in Google search results.

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