Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained: How Joker Card Is the Most Dangerous Yet

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained: One of Netflixs most twisted programs is returning. And if you thought the first season of Alice in Borderland was bizarre, you wont be ready for Season 2. The dystopian sci-fi series Alice in Borderland, which is based on Haro Asos manga of the same name, depicts game-playing survivors after terrible events.

If you succeed, you receive a couple of extra days. Its your life if you lose. Imagine it as the live-action version of the Korean hit Squid Game that was published a full year earlier. Trying to understand the Season 2 finale of Alice in Borderland? We are on your side.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Ending Explained

Arisu and the crew begin the finale with a win that is both happy and sad. Their coordinated attack on the King of Spades has succeeded. They are now one step closer to the freedom they crave since he is dead. But they were not victorious in that conflict.

Along with Aguni (Sh Aoyagi), newcomer Heiya, and Ann (Ayaka Miyosh), Kuina (Aya Asahina) and Ann look to be gravely injured (Yuri Tsunematsu). Sadly, this episode started with Nijir Murakamis Chishiya bleeding from a bullet fired by Niragi (Dori Sakurada), who was also hurt but insisted on living like a cockroach.

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Since the crew is obviously not in great form, Arisu and a wounded Usagi are the ones who must face the Queen of Hearts airship when it appears overhead. The two untidy individuals are given the assignment when they encounter Mira in a spotless yard. Croquet must be played three times. They merely need to play all three rounds without quitting in order to finish the game effectively; winning is not the goal. It seems simple enough, therefore something far more terrible is going on.

This is made clear when Mira starts to stop the game and Arisu successfully completes the first two rounds. Usagi is now limp and desperately needs medical treatment for her injuries, but she complies when Mira demands that they sit down for tea. Mira pours, but the two are shrewd enough to decline. Arisu continues to get attracted into Miras games despite this.

Mira plays with him while he relentlessly questions her about what happened to the actual world. Initially, Mira makes up stories about what occurred before persuading him that his imagination was a result of the trauma of losing his companions Karube (Keita Machida) and Chota (Yki Morinaga) in a vehicle accident.

Arisu used the illusion as a coping mechanism for the loss and as a means of investigating the central query that has plagued him his whole life: what is the point of his existence? Mira persuades Arisu that Usagi is a patient with whom he has developed a close bond and that he is at a hospital undergoing mental therapy from her, his doctor. His chances of winning the game with the last croquet round decrease the more deeply he believes this.

Usagi does her hardest to convince him to change his mind, but her efforts are unsuccessful. He progressively awakens from this hypnotic trance only when she is forced to slit her own wrist in an effort to persuade him to save her. Just in time too, for Mira was on the verge of convincing him to leave the game and free himself from the delusion.

Instead, Arisu and Usagi express their want to be together and have a life together before Arisu sums up their sentimental dialogue with: Usagi, all I want is for you to survive. I want to keep you safe He adds as she continues to bleed profusely from several gashes. This is sufficient to jolt them out of the antiseptic atmosphere of the makeshift hospitals and into the reality of the immaculate gardens.

Mira, who is driven to tears by their emotions for one another, finishes the game without any further interfering pauses and concedes loss. After that, their game play has a somber quality. Arisu asks Mira one more time, What is this place they have ended up in? as the whimsical grief comes to an end.

She responds that he will find out soon and that, of his two options, the one he chooses will show what type of person he really is. Her mysterious comments are quickly followed by a laser blasted into her, killing her.

All remaining players are questioned once the games are over about whether or not they want to settle permanently in this country and become citizens, becoming akin to or perhaps taking the place of the face-card gamemasters.

Usagi and Arisu both say no. The same goes for Kuina, Chishiya, Aguni, and Heiya who have made it to the ninth hour of life. Even the utterly abhorrent Niragi declines the offer, but Banda (Hayato Isomura) and Yaba (Katsuya Maiguma) accept, indicating they may replace him as the next gamemaster in a potential season three. But the rest suffer a different end.

Do theAlice in BorderlandPlayers Return to The Real World?

That much is evident. The fireworks they had seen in season one, the ones that came before they arrived in the gaming realm, were actually a meteorite, they discover when they all awaken in the hospital. Despite the horrific devastation, many people lived. They all have varied injuries of varying severity, including Ann, who was initially thought to be dead but is now battling for her life in a coma.

The only thing they had in common is that after the catastrophe, each of their hearts had stopped for a minute. Additionally, none of them remember the gaming world or their interactions with one another, so when Arisu and Usagi re-cross paths, they feel a connection but are unsure of how.

In any event, when they decide to take a stroll together in the hospital grounds, the triumphant, majestic music nearly makes you think that their story has come to a joyful conclusion. Although not ideal, at least they are at home. Almost.

What Does the Joker Card Mean?

The camera travels to a table in the gardens where numerous cards are strewn as season two comes to an end. They are carried away by a light breeze, leaving only one card. The Joker Why does this matter? Everything?

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Its sheer presence suggests that the players have not left the games as they believe, but rather have moved on to phase three, which is more deadly because the players are ignorant and have no recollection. If you can envision that, the Joker, who is intended to stand in for the wild card, indicates even greater uncertainty.

The Joker may take on the traits of other cards in many card games, which means it could present as any of the perilous obstacles they have already encountered or it could be a brand-new hell for them to deal with.

In either case, its probably going to be the trickiest, darkest yet. A trickster card that has led them into a false feeling of security by erasing their memories and bringing them home but, in reality, they are as far from Kansas as possible, much like Dorothy.

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