Is Chauvin Married? Why Are Derek and Kellie Chauvin Divorcing?

Is Chauvin Married: In Laos, Kellie Chauvin was born on October 21st, 1974. Her family relocated to Thailand when she was just three years old, leaving Laos behind. She and her family fled to Thailand as child refugees due to the Laotian Civil War at the time. After a few years of living there, her family ultimately moved to the United States in October 1980.

They made Eau Claire, Wisconsin, their home. When she entered kindergarten in 1984 at the age of 10, she started her official schooling. She was forced to wed Kujay Xiong at age 17. She claims that her Hmong parents forced her to get married so young because they hold the belief that if females do not get married before turning the age of 18, they will never get married. But there were a lot of speed bumps in her marriage.

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Is Chauvin Married?

Kellie Chauvin married Derek Chauvin in 2010, after meeting and falling in love while working as a radiologist at a hospital. She informed the St. Paul Pioneer Press that they met when he dropped off a suspect at the hospital where she worked in Minneapolis. The couple has no children, however, Kellie has two children from her previous marriage to ex-husband Kujay Xiong.

Why Are Derek and Kellie Chauvin Divorcing?

Kellie Chauvin filed for divorce from Derek Chauvin on May 28, 2020, three days after George Floyds tragic death. The former Mrs. Minnesota blamed the termination of their 10-year marriage on an irretrievable collapse of their connection.

According to court documents acquired by The Sun, Kellie stated in a court file that, despite being an unemployed estate agent, she did not want any money or financial assistance from her officer ex. The respondent is completely capable of supporting herself, according to the petition. According to the court documents, Kellie and her estranged husband both forfeited their rights to temporary or permanent spousal support from each other.

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The Net Worth of Kellie Chauvin

She and Derek Chauvin are co-owners of a $ 226,282 Florida townhouse and a $ 273,800 Oakdale property in Minnesota. Her earnings and net worth are not well-documented.

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