Brittany Jade Controversy: Tik Toker Was Criticized for Playing Pranks on Children by Informing Them Their Sibling Had Died!

TikTok influencer Brittany Jade Szabo made a video that is stirring up debate.

Szabo started the commotion when she uploaded a video on TikTok in which it was falsely claimed that her twin sons had a deceased brother. It was a hoax, but Insider claims that it wasnt warmly received.

Szabo is known as @brittanyjade___ on TikTok, where she has 2.1 million followers. She has since made her account private, though. Additionally, she has a private Instagram page with 217,000 followers. There are currently no videos on her YouTube account, The Szabo Zoo. Szabo is a modest YouTuber who runs a family vlogging channel, according to Insider.

What You Need to Know Is as Follows:

Szabo apologized and deleted the TikTok, but it was saved and uploaded to Reddit.

@ morose original sound: MK #foryou #brittanyjade #brittanyjade___

In another TikTok video, Szabo and her husband Wyland apologized and said they had removed the footage within 10 minutes. She said in the apologetic video, We are deeply sorry for individuals who are harmed, triggered, or insulted.

They were very disappointed in themselves, she claimed. It was very insensitive of us, she claimed.

original sound Stayinformedalways00main @stayinformedalways00 #brittanyjade #apologyvideo #nobullyingzone #nobully #replytocomments #explorepage #awareness #follow #fyp

Despite Szabos TikTok being deleted, it was still saved and published on Reddit. It is visible here. On August 30, 2022, a Reddit member stated, Brittanys Jade video that she posted today! Was it ever seen by anyone before she erased it?

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seeing Whether Our Twins Will Go Along with What We Say, the Videos Caption Stated.

Szabo is seen in the video sitting in a car with her twin sons, her husband Wyland, and their family. Just follow our instructions, she instructs them.

For their birthday, she says, We are entering to win your Royal Caribbean cruises. The twins have experienced a lot, she continues, which is why we think we should be chosen. They had a triplet sibling when they were born, but he passed away.

She seems to be crying. In the videos caption, it is said, I could not hold it together.

The loss of their triplet brother has caused them a considerable deal of emotional hardship throughout their upbringing, and according to Szabo, they are still in denial.

What Are You Talking About? Asks One of The Twin Boys.

Szabo says, Your triplet, adding, In loving remembrance of Lawrence.

Szabo received criticism for the prank, with some claiming it was cruel to her sons and those who had actually lost children.

@hannahdeltoroo Im so repulsed that it hurts my heart. It hurts me constantly to think that this mother not only had a baby on earth but also one who never got to meet their sister. Original sound by Amberley &lt3; #childloss #ReTokforNature #brittanyjade #brittanyjade___ #miscarriageawareness

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Szabo received a beating for the hoax in subsequent TikTok videos.

On the Reddit discussion, Szabo received criticism for the video. These are a few of the remarks:

It reached a new low. Whether they tell her or not, everyone knows she crossed a limit.

This is terrible. Did she make light of having a deceased child? The criticism of her has at times seemed a bit excessive to me, but this has just caused me to reconsider.

Didnt she post on Instagram a few days ago about losing a friends 8-year-old child? She then makes light of losing one herself. Sick!

Absolutely repulsive! Why did she ever believe it was amusing to joke about that? Shes not only upsetting her childrens feelings, but its also upsetting for moms who have truly lost a baby. What a heartless individual.

She only left the video online briefly. Ive included three screenshots taken by Brittany and her fans in the Brittany Jade Snark Sub!

It Amazes Me that She Had the Audacity to Inform Her Very Young Sons

This is just repulsive! It amazes me that she had the audacity to inform her very young sons that they had lost a brother. WITH VIEWS! This is the lowest Brittany will go to get app views. Continue to scare your kids.

This year, many people in the USA lost actual children. One of the filthiest posts Ive ever seen, I think.

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I detest these pointless pranks. Theyre disgusting and not humorous. Better than that is due to the boys. Im not sure how any child could feel secure in a house where they are often played pranks on.

How can you have such low regard for your parents? I have no idea who this person is, but I lost one of my twins to the condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and you should never make light of it. Although its been 14 years, I still occasionally lose it and cry.

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