Achievement Hunter Controversy: Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood of Rooster Teeth Have Been Fired Over a Scandal Involving Explicit Images!

Members of the video production business Rooster Teeth Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have both been fired after allegedly sending fans pornographic photographs that were then exposed online.

A few weeks ago, pictures of Haywood and Kovic appeared on a bodybuilding forum. Last week, the pictures reappeared on 4chan along with unsubstantiated claims of grooming and sexual enticement, a Reddit user stated.

Tessa Graves, a fan who was 17 at the time, was allegedly emailed pornographic images by Achievement Hunter host Haywood in 2017.

Graves Denounced Haywoods Doxxing Campaign and Leaks

In a YouTube video recounting her side of the incident, Graves said that Ryan Haywood, who was 36 at the time, was misled by her claim that she was just 18. Graves denounced Haywoods doxxing campaign and leaks. After she unintentionally sent Haywood a photo meant for someone else, the two exchanged messages occasionally for two years after they first met at PAX 2017.

In subsequent communications, they allegedly agreed to meet up for sex during PAX 2019 and shared nude images. At the time, Haywood was married and had kids.

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Since Graves video went viral, two former Haywood moderators on Twitch have come forward and claimed that community members had previously contacted them about Haywood sending improper and uninvited photographs.

The mod team, however, claims that because they lacked the victims permission, they were unable to do any of these actions. The former moderator claimed to have spoken with Haywood personally about the issue but that he was convincing and manipulating.

Game Revolution Said that The Presenter and Creative Director of Funhaus

Game Revolution said that the presenter and creative director of Funhaus, Adam Kovic, was tricked into providing obscene images by a person posing as a porn actress.

This supposedly includes images from the Funhaus office and a video showing Kovic and his wife having sex; it is unproven that she was aware the interaction was being filmed. As of the time of writing, Kovic has no known victims.

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On his now-private Twitter page, Kovic responded, claiming that he had been the victim of an amazing invasion of privacy and peeling back of [his] life. He expressed his regret to his wife, stating she now had to deal with the mess [he] has created, as well as to his coworkers.

Rooster Teeths Haywood First Responded on Twitter

Rooster Teeths Haywood first responded on Twitter, admitting that he had made mistakes and that he was quitting the company to focus on rebuilding [his] family and life. He said sorry and added: I do want to state unequivocally that I have never committed any crimes. I must bear the repercussions of my conduct. Stop bothering and threatening my family, please.

He issued a longer statement yesterday in which he claimed full accountability for his actions over the last few years. He also acknowledged that he had sex with members of the community and had flirted with them.

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Rooster Teeth emphasized on its official Twitter account that its code of conduct applies to both staff and members of the community. The business stated in a statement given to Two of our employees were let go since their actions didnt align with those of our business or the neighborhood.

Such choices are never simple, but it is crucial that we uphold the principles that guide us as a business and that we wish to instill in our neighborhood. In their reactions to the news, many Rooster Teeth members mainly expressed feelings of sadness, betrayal, and rage. On Reddit, a list of claims has been compiled.

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