Bill Murray Controversy: Misconduct Charges Against Bill Murray Continue to Build

Bill Murray Controversy: Actor Bill Murray has recently found himself in trouble as new allegations of wrongdoing against him keep coming to light. Now, a fresh story from Puck claims that Bill settled with a female staff member from the movie Being Mortal for $100,000. The production of the movie was abruptly halted owing to accusations about Bills inappropriate behavior.

Regrettably, Bill Murray has been the focus of several scandals that have emerged recently, claiming inappropriate behavior. Heres a running list of the charges against him, in addition to his purported Being Mortal actions.

Geena Davis Alleges Bill Murray Was Inappropriate on The Set of quick Change.

Actress Geena Davis describes an event that happened on the set of her movie Quick Change with Murray in her autobiography, Dying of Politeness. Geena told People about the challenges she had when filming with the comedian. She first claims that as soon as she met her co-star, he insisted on massaging her and wouldnt listen to her objections. Geena felt forced to let Bill touch her since no one else intervened to stop him.

In addition, Geena said that the comic yelled at her in front of more than 300 people as they were performing on the Quick Change stage. She continued by saying that during their press tour, Bill repeatedly attempted to undo the spaghetti strap on her dress as she was speaking on The Arsenio Hall Show.

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Rob Schneider Alleges Bill Murray Wasnt a Great SNL Guest.

Rob Schneider, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, claimed in October 2022 that Bill Murray really despised the SNL cast during the time he served as a guest host, particularly Adam Sandler and Chris Farley. According to Fox News, Rob recalled a time when Bill Murray, a former member of the cast of Saturday Night Live, was a guest host and just loathed, like, all of us pretty much, during an interview on SiriusXMs The Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show.

Rob commented on Bills conduct by saying, He wasnt very polite to us. When he was the host of Saturday Night Live, he despised us. utterly despised us. I suggest seething.

Seth Green Alleges Bill Murray Was Violent to Him on SNL.

Speaking of Bills time on SNL, actor and comedian Seth Green reportedly claimed that when he was 9 years old, he and Bill got into a fight on the set of the show. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star stated the event occurred while Bill was a guest presenter and he was portraying a youngster in a routine on the web show Good Mythical Morning.

Bill saw him watching television backstage He made a big deal out of me taking up his seat when he noticed that I was perched on the chairs arm. I thought, That is ludicrous. Im perched on this couchs arm. There are many couch lengths available. Please f*ck off. He then declared, Thats my chair.

Seth claims that by refusing to move, Bill was forced to act I was lifted by my ankles and held upside down. The garbage goes in the trash can, he said as he hung me over one. While yelling, I swung my arms erratically and made a full impact with his balls. He threw me into the garbage can, and the garbage can toppled over. I was appalled. I fled, crouched beneath the dressing room table, and sobbed all alone.

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In a Tweet, Solange May Have Confirmed Harassment from Bill Murray

Judnick Mayard, a TV writer and producer, tweeted a reminder to her followers about a time she saw Bill Murray put both his hands into Solanges scalp after asking her three times if her hair was a wig or not after her performance on SNL in 2016. This was in response to ongoing allegations of harassment by Bill Murray.

Judnick even mentioned in a subsequent tweet that the artist had just completed singing Dont Touch My Hair when the event occurred. Thats the arrogance of whiteness, she said in her closing statement. Now that Solange has liked both of Judnicks tweets, it seems as though the incident has occurred.

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