What Happened to Zukos Mom? What Does Azula Believe?

What Happened to Zukos Mom: Avatar: The Last Airbender is still regarded by many people who grew up with it as one of the most storied animated childrens programs ever produced. Aang, a young Airbender and the most recent iteration of the Avatara being with the ability to manipulate the elements of air, fire, earth, and wateris the protagonist of the award-winning television series. He traverses the globe to learn how to harness the elements and prevent the Fire Nation from tightening its tyrannical grip on other countries after being thrust into a time of conflict and conquest.

Prince Zuko is the subject of one of the shows main plot arcs. Zuko is literally wounded by tragedy as the disgraced prince of the Fire Nation and spends the majority of the series on his own redemption journey. Later, he joins forces with Aang to defeat the Fire Lords desire and even succeeds him as the new Fire Lord. He makes an effort to work toward peace, but his mother Ursas passing still haunts him. What occurs to Zukos mother, though? Beyond the number of episodes is the solution.

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What Happened to Zukos Mom?

Zuko was exiled from the family at the start of the series because he mentioned plans he had made at a war meeting to his father, Fire Lord Ozai. In response to Zukos refusal to accept a request for a duel, which he could only accept if he caught the Avatar, Lord Ozai expelled him from the Fire Nation.

Zukos mother Ursa inexplicably vanishes in Avatar: The Last Airbender about the same time as Lord Ozai ascends to power. Her death is assumed by the viewers. Zuko is troubled by his mothers disappearance and confronts his father about it.

In The Search Part Two, Zuko, who is a Fire Lord at the time, enlists Azula, his younger sister, to assist him to solve the Ursa riddle, only to learn that his mother has gone into hiding.

After persuading Ozai not to kill Zuko, Ursa vanished, and a ghost by the name of Mother of Faces wiped all of her memories.

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What Does Azula Believe?

Azula thinks Ursa planned everything out and is to blame for the difficulty. Zuko sees his sister flee before he intervenes to stop Azula from killing Ursa. Ursa tells Zuko that she would be completely honest with him about every aspect of her existence.

Later on, Ursa meets Ozai at the Fire National Palace. It was her first visit since being exiled, but she is now helpless and imprisoned in the dungeons. Ursa runs away when Ozai threatens to kill everyone she loves because she recognizes him for the little, small guy he actually is. She disregards her ex-commands husband since she is no longer terrified of him.

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