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Twista Net Worth: Rapper Twista is of American descent. His rapping technique has made him the most well-known. His ability to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds earned him the title of the quickest English rapper in the world in 1992, according to Guinness World Records. after making an appearance on the smash song Po Pimp by Do or Die in 1997. The US Billboard 200 album charts top spot was taken by his album Kamikaze.

Early Life

The 27th of November 1973 saw the birth of Carl Terrell Mitchell in Chicago. He was raised in the West Garfield Park neighborhoods K-Town section. At the age of twelve, he started rapping.

Mitchell was wed between 1991 and 1999. A daughter was later born to him and his ex-wife. In 2010, Twista and his GMG crew collaborated with the Produce mobile program of the Chicago Food Bank to feed the poor in the neighborhood.

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Mitchell released his debut album, Runnin Off at da Mouth, in 1992. Resurrection, his second album, was scheduled to be released in 1994. Nevertheless, the album was only released in Chicago and received minimal national recognition as a result of troubles with his record company at the time, Atlantic Records, and marketing difficulties with fellow Chicago rapper Commons album of the same name.

A few years later, he collaborated with Cwals Do or Die and producer The Legendary Traxster on the song Po Pimp, which was subsequently a successful single. Twista established the Speedknot Mobstaz in 1998 in collaboration with other rappers from Chicago. In 1998, they issued their debut album, Mobstability, which was totally created by The Legendary Traxster.

He launched his album The Day After in 2005. The singles included were Girl Tonite, Hit the Floor, and So Lonely with Mariah Carey.

Twista made an appearance on Lil Reeses song Traffic remix in 2013. He worked on his ninth album, Dark Horse, that same year. Additionally, a record contract with Kanye Wests GOOD Music was said to be in the works for him.

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Twista Net Worth

Twista is well-known in the American music scene and was once regarded as the quickest rapper who spoke English. Although he no longer holds that record, he is still a very quick rapper. He originally rose to fame as a result of his songs and chopper-style rapping. Twista has put out a lot of albums and appeared in a lot of music videos. After signing a record contract, he experienced an increase in his success and wealth. Twistas current net worth is $10 million.

Twista Assets

Twista is a famous American who first became well-known in 1997 after signing with Atlantic Records and releasing a number of hugely popular albums. Twista is well-recognized for having a number of qualities. He resides in Chicago and owns a stunning property there. In addition, Twista has a home in Los Angeles.

Twista enjoys purchasing several automobiles, and he has a stunning collection of them. Twista likes both vintage and sporty automobiles. He has a Mercedes, Range Rover, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, and a few more vehicles.

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