Dish and Sling Tv Block ABC, ESPN, and Other Disney Channels!

This weekend, some Dish and Sling TV subscribers may have received a nasty awakening when they sat down to watch TV: due to a legal disagreement with The Walt Disney Company, the two television providers have stopped carrying Disney-owned networks like ABC, ESPN, and FX.

Dish Network and Sling Tv Lineups on Saturday

The stations, which also include Disney Channel and Nat Geo, disappeared off the Dish Network and Sling TV lineups on Saturday, October 1 at midnight Pacific, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney allegedly wanted to charge Dish $1 billion to renew its contract. Additionally, the business claims that Disney wants Dish to include ESPN and ESPN2 in all Dish TV bundles and to make it mandatory for the majority of Dish consumers to pay extra for local ABC stations, which were previously a choice.

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Brian Neylon Executive Vice President and Group President for Dish Tv

Brian Neylon, executive vice president and group president for Dish TV, reportedly claimed in a statement that Disney has leveraged its market position to boost costs without concern for the public viewing experience. Disney, particularly sports fans and families with young children who enjoy their material, clearly insists on putting greed ahead of American viewers.

A Disney representative disagreed, claiming that the company had presented Dish with a deal that was comparable to those it already had with other pay-TV providers. According to a statement made by the spokesman, After months of good faith negotiations, Dish has declined to establish a fair, market-based agreement with us for continued distribution of our networks.

Dish and Sling Tv Services Are No Longer Able to Access

As a result, the subscribers to their Dish and Sling TV services are no longer able to access our unmatched selection of live sports and news as well as kids, family, and general entertainment show from the ABC-owned television stations, the ESPN networks, the Disney-branded channels, Freeform, the FX networks, the National Geographic channels, and BabyTV.

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The Disney representative stated, The pricing and terms we are asking reflect the market and have served as the basis for multiple successful agreements with pay-TV providers of all shapes and sizes across the nation. We urge Dish to cooperate with us in order to reduce the inconvenience to their customers since we are determined to come to a just conclusion.

Disney Channels Momentarily Left the YouTube Tv List

Disney channels momentarily left the YouTube TV list after talks dissolved in December 2021, but Dish has experienced a rise in blackout threats as a result of its strong negotiating tactics with content providers, according to THR. For example, between 2018 and 2019 there was a lengthy Univision blackout on Dish, and in 2018 and 2021, HBO was removed from the Dish menu.

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Dish has a total of 10 million pay-TV subscribers, including those who use Sling TV.

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