Whoopi Goldberg Controversy: American Actors Two-Week Suspension from Abc for Remarks on The Holocaust!

After claiming that the Holocaust involved two groups of white people, Whoopi Goldberg was fired from a US talk program. After making wrong and insensitive comments, ABC News reported that Goldberg would be off-air for two weeks. On ABCs The View, the actress and TV personality claimed that the Nazis persecution of Jews was not about race.

She First Apologized but Ended up Offending More People.

While trying to defend her comments on a late-night show, she first apologized but ended up offending more people.

Tuesday evening, ABC News president Kim Godwin sent a memo to the staff stating: Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her inappropriate and disrespectful comments. Whoopi has apologized, but Ive urged her to take some time to think things over and understand the effects of her remarks.

The entire ABC News organization expresses its support for its Jewish coworkers, friends, family, and communities.

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The Hollywood Reporter quoted her as saying in the memo, These decisions are never simple, but necessary.

Just last week, I made a point of mentioning ABC News focused, compassionate, inclusive, respectful, and open culture. Whoopis remarks do not support those principles.

Words Are Crucial.

Tuesday morning, Goldberg made her third public apology.

She began the chat show by stating, I erred yesterday on the show.

Because Hitler and the Nazis saw Jews as an inferior race, [the Holocaust] is certainly about race. Now, words have power, and mine is no exception. Im sorry for my remarks, and I accept my apology. Additionally, I support the Jewish people.

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The controversial statements were first made on Mondays episode of The View by the 66-year-old Oscar-winning actress, who has been a panelist since 2007. She was speaking about how a Tennessee school board had banned a graphic novel about the Holocaust because it contained profanity, nudity, and suicide.

She Issued an Apology Hours Later Amidst the Controversy.

To further offend viewers, she later clarified her remarks on CBS The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night by claiming that the Nazis were lying and that their problems were actually ones of ethnicity rather than race.

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Goldberg Has Stirred up Controversy Previously.

She claimed in 2009 that Roman Polanksi, a filmmaker who had pled guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor in 1977, was not responsible for rape-rape. She also defended Bill Cosby when he was accused of sexual assault before changing her mind in the face of criticism.

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