Wayne Season 2 Release Date: The first episode of the American comedy-action television series Wayne, featuring American actress Ciara Bravo and Irish actor Mark McKenna, aired on YouTube Premium on January 16, 2019. The 10 episodes of Wayne, which are produced by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the geniuses behind Deadpool, are written by Shawn Simmons, best known for his work on the animated television series Mr. Pickles.

The show centers on the adventures of Wayne, a young kid who, with the aid of his girlfriend Del, sets out to recover the automobile that his deceased father had stolen. The series has received overwhelmingly good reviews since its debut, both from reviewers and spectators. It presently has a rating of 8.4 from 14k IMDB users and 100% approval on rotten tomatoes.

This comes as no surprise to the viewers, given that the shows debut episode had 10 million views in just five days and that it also won the CSC Award for Best Cinematography. This is not the first time viewers have shown interest in a comedy-action series; comedy-action series are extremely popular from the very beginning for its quirky jokes and witty entertainment along with solid action-packed scenes.

The comedy and action genre makes the viewers curious about what the series holds in store, and that curiosity makes them get hooked on this genre.

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Wayne Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 will likely be released in the latter half of 2023 or early 2024 as a result. According to sources, Simmons has everything prepared for the second season and is simply awaiting the production companys clearance.

Who Will Star in A Potential Second Season of Wayne?

Likewise, Wayne just wont function without Mark McKenna, therefore hell have to come back if a second season is produced. Ciara Bravo would also need to be involved because Del is a crucial component of the narrative. Dean Winters as Bobby, Dels father, Jamie and Jon Champagne as Dels twin brothers, Joshua J. Williams as Orlando, Waynes buddy, and Mike OMalley as Waynes schools principal are more cast members who are likely to make a comeback.

All of the main protagonists survived Season 1 despite several brutal confrontations, thus, barring any schedule difficulties, it would make sense for the bulk of the original cast of Wayne to return. Furthermore, a second season would undoubtedly feature a lot of new characters as Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that Simmons stated will result in Wayne doing time in jail in Season 2.

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What Would the Plot of Wayne Season 2 Be?

Given that it takes place in Brockton, Massachusetts, the authors hometown, Wayne is a personal story for Simmons. He has thus already written the Season 2 opener and plotted the rest of the season, despite the fact that he is still awaiting news on whether Amazon wants to continue the program. In a November 2020 interview with Inverse, the shows creator discussed whats next up for Wayne and Del.

Simmons said, I dont think its a huge issue to say Waynes in juvie. Del is in a situation I wont discuss, but the entire season is about Wayne trying to make things right, trying to win back Del, and trying to give him the peace of mind he deserves.

One person who wants to see Season 2 happen is Mark McKenna. According to Inverse, he reportedly informed the showrunner that the writing for the first episode of Season 2 was maybe the best of the Wayne storyline he has read. If I could make it, it would simply be very gorgeous.

There havent been any new episodes of Wayne since 2019, but viewers shouldnt write off this brave sitcom just yet. Wayne is the only show that has a chance to overcome the odds and return after such a long hiatus.

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