Thora Birch Has a Very Good Reason for Not Being in Hocus Pocus 2!

In November, Netflix will release Tim Burtons remake of The Addams Family, and the new series Wednesday will introduce Jenna Ortega as a new version of Wednesday Addams. Thora Birch (Hocus Pocus, The Walking Dead) is another character that appears in the early half of the series.

She was chosen for a significant part as Tamara Novak, Wednesdays dorm mother at Nevermore Academy. A personal matter, the specifics of which were not disclosed, was said to be the reason for Birchs abrupt departure from the series in December of last year, midway through production.

There was speculation surrounding Birchs departure that she had to attend to a family ailment, but not much else has been revealed about what transpired. Birch discusses her abrupt Wednesday departure in a brand-new interview with Entertainment Tonight and implies that the situation was more complicated than initially thought.

Birch now clarifies that the reason for her resignation was primarily due to creative disagreements since she had concerns about the concepts the writers had in mind for her character.

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The Solution on Wednesday Was to Cast Chrissy Ricci

Despite the fact that Birch had to leave on Wednesday, her departure did allow for the hiring of a replacement, and The Addams Family fans are thrilled with the choice they made. In order to play a new character in a role resembling Birchs, Christina Ricci, who portrayed the live-action Wednesday in two films in the 1990s, was cast. Ricci, on the other hand, expressed to Collider lately that she was as excited to be a part of Wednesday:

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On November 23, 2022, Wednesday will make its Netflix debut, so we will soon be able to watch how everything pans out.

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