The Rookie Boss on The Most Shocking Chenford Twist from The Season 5 Premiere and What Comes Next

The Season 5 debut of The Rookie will be heavily spoiled in the sentences that follow.

Tim and Lucy learned on Sunday night that what happened between Dim and Juicy in Las Vegas did not remain in Las Vegas.

Officer Chen (Melissa ONeil) and Sergeant Bradford (Eric Winter) were each prodded by confidantes (Lopez, Tamara) to explain any true feelings building beneath the surface before continuing their undercover interaction as a thug and his moll.

In order to promote Dim and Juicys Mile High Club antics, they later exchanged another passionate, drawn-out, fake kiss while traveling to Vegas in a drug dealers pajamas. Tim even checked up with Lucy later to see how she might be feeling, but she dismissed their compelling practice kiss as merely having the expected effects of an intimate act.

She claimed that they were still undercover as lovers after that successful assignment was finished, so she invited Tim inside after Tim had escorted Lucy home. It took him some time to decide to take the bait.

Showrunner Alexi Hawley tells TVLine that advancing Chenford to this point in the Season 5 opener felt like the right place to go. In actuality, there was no way [to get there] when he was her direct boss. Even today, there is a rank gap, so that is still a problem, but it felt like we were getting closer to the point where pushing it felt natural.

The doppelgnger twist from the Season 4 finale, which allowed Tim and Lucy to pose as a criminal couple, allowed us to let some things that the audience absolutely saw under the surface come up, and now were at a place where we cant ignore it, according to Hawley. Therefore, this season, we must unquestionably lean toward whatever the next phase of this will be.

What will the next stage of Tim and Lucys relationship look like now that their relationship has been derailed by the horrifying discovery of Lucys boyfriend, ADA Chris Sanford (Kanoa Goo), sprawled across her couch with his wrists slit the gruesome creation of escaped serial killer Rosalind Dyer?

The Gruesome Creation of Escaped Serial Killer Rosalind Dyer?

According to Hawley, Rosalind was upset with Lucy for failing to appear in court and for not following her plan. She used that as a method to avenge Lucy. Furthermore, placing that barrier in Chenfords path was fairly harsh.

Whatever happens to Chris, Lucy, who accepts responsibility for his targeting, is going to feel a profound sense of guilt. Rosalind only chooses Chris because of Lucy, so that will undoubtedly have an effect, claims Hawley.

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Will a distraught Lucy be able to put what was going to happen between her and Tim into compartments as she thinks about what happened to Chris? It will undoubtedly affect her perspective on what she was about to do with Tim, predicts Hawley. That shocking reality, or spray of cold water, in a private moment, is something shell have to navigate.

Officer John Nolan Was Given a Golden Ticket

In the Season 5 opener, we also learn that Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) was given a golden ticket for his cunning heroics in the Season 4 finale, allowing him to select any future LAPD position he desired.

Hawley says, You cant say, I want to be commissioner, but any division, any position you want, they will train you for which is why I enjoy the comedy of everyone chiming in on what he should do, in reference to the reality that golden tickets in such a scenario are real things. K-9 team/keeping the dog included!

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The award will be used by Nolan to resume his training officer career, which is very much in line with what were trying to accomplish as a cop show that speaks about how the only way for the police to change is for the cops to change, according to Hawley.

What Kind of To Will Nolan Be?

When his new position begins in Episode 3 (and after a slight time jump), what kind of TO will Nolan be? When breaking in his first boot, will he learn anything from Tim, Nyla, Angela, or Talia?

No one would likely perceive Nolan as a hard-ass like Tim, according to Hawley, who believes that Nolan is an empathic person at heart. But there is a fine line between being overly kind or eager to give someone the benefit of the doubt on a job when s-t can appear out of nowhere and completely upend things.

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Hawley declares, Were going to throw a lot at him, which begs the question, How do you train someone when mayhem is happening?

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