The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date: The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic thriller, has only a few episodes in, but were already hooked on Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellies (Bella Ramsey) trek across the Country after a fungal infection wiped off the majority of humanity.

Its wonderful news that the gripping survival dramas second season has been approved, and that it will likely begin production later this year, just two episodes after the shows premiere.

When will there be more The Last of Us episodes to watch, and what will become of Ellie, Joel, and the poor individuals who have contracted the disease and been transformed into revolting fungi?

To learn everything there is to know about The Last Of Us season two, come out from behind the couch.

The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date

There are nine episodes in all in The Last Of Uss first season, which is presently showing. The second season has just been revealed, so it will be some time until we see the episodes of season two.

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Executive producer Craig Mazin told The Washington Post that it took around 200 days to film the first season in Canada. Then, it took many months to edit the show and add the really spooky fungus special effects. From the time the first scene was filmed to the premiere of season one on January 15, 2023, it took a total of 18 months.

If we apply the same timeframe to season two, we would not anticipate to see any new episodes of the season until at least the middle of 2024, even if production were to start this week. This is because scripts must be prepared and cast and crew must be assembled.

The Last of Us Season 2 Plot

Just continue reading if you dont mind HUGE SPOILERS (for the game and maybe the series) if we presume that the second season will include some of the events from the second game, The Last Of Us Part II: Following a brief introduction, the second game immediately picks up five years after The Last Of Us events, with Joel and Ellie, who is now 19 years old, living in Jackson, Wyoming.

Joel and his brother Tommy come upon Abby and save her from an infected horde when they are on a routine patrol. The brothers are attacked as they travel to an outpost structure that her organizationformer Fireflies who are now a militia group known as the WLF (Washington Liberation Front)uses as a hideaway.

Ellie and her partner Dina set out to see Tommy and Joel after a series of unspoilable incidents, and when they arrived, they discovered Abby had murdered Joel. In order to find Abby, Tommy, Ellie, and Dina travel to Seattle. Unfortunately, this puts them right in the path of the Seraphites, a religious sect that is at war with the WLF for control of the city.

Of course, there are many more events as well, but the key point is that Pedro Pascal and Joel dont get very far in the narrative. The second season would mostly center on Ellie, Dina, and Abby, as well as perhaps Tommy, with Joel only making brief appearances before he is killed off or in flashbacks later on.

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Bella Ramsey recently shared her thoughts on season twos exploration of Ellie and Dinas romance as well as how this would affect Ellies friendship with Joel. Ive seen a cut where someone has created an excellent edit of simply the gameplay, such as Ellie and Dinas love story. I have no idea how they did it. Im eager to see how it plays out On a guest appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, she stated.

Bella went on: The intricacy of her connection with Joel and how it progressively becomes more intricate [excites me], and Im looking forward to that. Yet in a strange sense, the ensuing violence is exciting.

It will be nice to have the opportunity to perhaps investigate it in a really secure setting. But Im also anxious about it.

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