Primal Season 2: Release Date, Everything You Need To Know!

Your comprehensive guide to watching Primal season 2 on HBO Max from the US and abroad.

The second season of the acclaimed Adult Swim comedy Primal, which follows the odd friendship between a caveman and a dinosaur, debuted on HBO Max on July 21. HBO Max is only officially available in the US, but as a US user traveling overseas, it is feasible to access HBO Max from the UK and other countries and watch Primal season 2 there. Wherever you are, follow the steps in the instructions below to learn how to watch Primal season 2 on HBO Max.

The 10 episodes that made up Primals first season, which is frequently divided into two, were broadcast on Adult Swim in 2019. The show centers on Spear (Aaron LaPlante), a caveman, and Fang (Frank Welker), a T-Rex friend, as they struggle to survive in the frequently deadly prehistoric world. A mystery Homo sapiens named Mira (Latitia Edo), who is on the run, joins Spear and Fang at the close of the first season.

Creator Genndy Tartakovsky remarked that [Primal season 2] is on a scale beyond what weve done, and it keeps being amplified as we go deeper and deeper into the season.

On Thursday, July 21, 2022, HBO Max will begin airing Primal season 2. Make sure you understand how to join HBO Max so you may watch Primal season 2 from anywhere.

How to watch HBO Maxs Primal season 2 outside of the US (Photo credit: Adult Swim/HBO Max)

Even though HBO Max is now only accessible in the US, it is extremely straightforward to use a trustworthy VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to access the service from outside the US and watch on your laptop, smart TV, set-top box, or streaming stick.

A VPN is really easy to use.

1. Install your preferred VPN first. We suggest ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

2. Launch the VPN application and select the country where the service you want to use is available. You might want to select US for HBO Max.

3. Next, use your browser or device to navigate to HBO Max and enjoy watching Primal season 2 online.

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Without a US credit card, heres how to sign up for HBO Max:

1. Open your preferred VPN and choose the United States as your destination country.

2. Open a new Google or Apple ID account, making sure to select the United States as your country of residence. (Apple users can sign up for an Apple ID using a UK phone number, but they should visit the Apple ID website (opens in new tab) rather than an app on their device.)

3. Download the HBO Max app from the US Google Play Store or US Apple App Store using your newly created Apple ID or Google account.

4. Download the HBO Max app, sign up for HBO Max, and pay using PayPal (this can be a UK account).

5. You ought to be able to access your HBO Max account by using any device at this point.

Fun fact: You can use this technique to sign up for US versions of Disney+ and Netflix as well as other streaming services like Hulu and Peacock TV.

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Where in the UK can You view Primal season 2?

On July 21st, HBO Max will begin airing season 2 of Primal.

Although we are still awaiting a firm release date in the UK, we would anticipate it to air on Channel 4 this year. In the interim, Channel 4 in the UK is offering free access to all 10 episodes of the first seasons (opens in new tab). When visiting countries outside of the UK, keep a VPN(opens in new tab) close at hand.

Heres the Trailer by Adult Swim

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