Kelly Ripa Will Leave Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2022?

It appears that a number of talk show hosts have recently stopped their programs. From Ellen DeGeneres to James Corden, fans are dismayed by the departures of their beloved hosts. Kelly Ripa seems to be on the tip of everyones tongue with regard to the issue of who could possibly go next.

Is Kelly Ripa Leaving Live?

Kelly Ripa will not be departing Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2022, thankfully. The actress took a break from the show in order to spend quality time with her family during the holiday. Kelly has now returned and is once again relishing her presenting duties on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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When Did She Join Live?

More than a decade has passed since Kelly first appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She was hired on as the host for the first time in 2021, and ever since then, she has been doing an outstanding job of keeping her audience entertained.

Kathie Lee Gifford had been hosting the show up until the time that she took over. Kelly spoke candidly about her decision to replace the previous presenter in an interview with Variety. She stated that for a considerable amount of time, she had the notion that it would be difficult to step into such large shoes. On the other hand, as the performance progressed, she was finally able to develop feelings of passion for what she does.

During the same interview, Kelly stated that, in her opinion, the format of the show is the primary factor that has contributed to its overall popularity. Kelly believes that the 20-minute episode that consists of two individuals having a normal discussion is the exact reason why it has been able to continue for as long as it has. The episode has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

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Has the Actress Ever Thought About Leaving the Show?

Even though Kelly has thoroughly enjoyed her stint as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan for more than a decade, the actress admits that there have been occasions when she has considered leaving the show.

While making an appearance on Bethenny Frankels podcast Just B, Kelly said that there have been moments when she has considered leaving permanently since she wasnt very comfortable being in front of the camera. Kelly was speaking about how she appeared on the podcast.

Given that Kelly has been working in the entertainment sector for a considerable amount of time, many people are likely to be surprised by this news. However, the actress admitted that she does not appreciate being the center of attention and that she prefers a more subdued lifestyle. To our relief, Kelly doesnt appear to have anything going on.

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