East New York: What Did You Think of The New Drama from Cbs?

While the first episode of the Amanda Warren-starring CBS procedural East New York introduces all the major characters and begins to play around with the relationships, the one that intrigues us the most is one that is predictable: the one between Warrens Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood and Jimmy Smits Chief John Suarez.

The Real Estate Developer Adam Lustig

The deputy mayor, Raymond Sharpe (played by Darien Sills-Evans), and the real estate developer Adam Lustig (Scott Cohen), whom she later details for his involvement in the case Detectives Tommy Killian (Kevin Rankin) and Crystal Morales (Elizabeth Rodriguez), work on, is introduced to her by Suarez, the borough commander (Haywoods boss boss). Sharpe verifies that management is Haywoods area of strength.

She tells him, Ill let others decide where my strength is. Suarez welcomes her to East New York once they are alone.

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Calm Command in Bayside, Suarez Says at One Point

She must be wishing she had a lovely, calm command in Bayside, Suarez says at one point, but Haywood is aware that they wont allow her to carry out her plan there. He asks how her head is doing. She assures him, Its fantastic, its wonderful, its OK. It has to be because she is aware that she cannot take things slowly and that she needs to move quickly in order to avoid losing control of another person.

He assures her, Im right there with you. She is relying on it. But as he goes on to say, she should play the long game so they can both accomplish their goals. Both she and he depend on their jobs. (However, he claims he does not want to become police commissioner someday, despite the deputy mayors argument that he should.)

Haywood Isnt so Sure how Much Time Shell Have at This Job

Speaking of long, Haywood isnt so sure how much time shell have at this job by the end of the episode as Suarez drives her home. But he believes that her early actions suggested she would stick around for the long haul and that she made the proper decisions regarding the case.

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He observes her enter the building, and we must admit that we are curious about their past and how their relationship will develop as she continues to lead the 74th Precinct. As for the rest of the 74th, Captain Stan Yenko (Richard Kind) is very much in her favor and makes a push to be her executive officer pretty much the instant she arrives at the precinct. Killian, though, hasnt made up his decision about Haywood as his boss. She consents.

She Mentions Getting the Chance to See Several Ideas

She mentions getting the chance to see several ideas shes had over the years of work in her introduction to her officers, one of which is having a few of them live in a nearby housing project voluntarily with a six-month commitment. Brandy Quinlan, one of the younger police (Olivia Luccardi), declares that she wont need time to think about it and will act right away.

When Quinlan gives one of the young men in the building the finger for writing PIG on her door, things dont go well, but she does seem to be winning over Winston (Ezra Knight) when she gives him back the items Officer Marvin Sandeford (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) had taken away.

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After Killian stole a precious bat from a nearby institution where he worked as a bouncer, they bought the neighborhood restaurant/bar, which they all end up at together in the premiereapart from Haywood and Suarez. Although its obvious that they do this frequently, the premiere didnt seem to have enough seconds to develop the various ties amongst the offers that werent coupled up. I hope that will alter.

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