Dr Romantic Season 3 Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

Dr Romantic Season 3: Fans of Korean dramas are aware that it was uncommon to receive new episodes of a well-liked drama. However, the 2016 drama Dr. Romantic defied the norms since its medical-romance plot was a huge hit with viewers. A Dr. Romantic Season 3 was allegedly in the works, which left a fan wanting more after the shows second season. Everything you need to know about the confirmed season, including the cast members.

Dr. Romantic Season 3 is reported to start filming in November

According to press sources from September 2021, Dr. Romantic Season 3 could happen. The season, according to Soompi, would start production in 2022, with a winter launch date anticipated.

We have begun conversations about the creation of a third season, according to SBS. But despite speculations that its star performers would be returning, they asserted that the cast had not yet been officially announced. Dr. Romantic would shortly start production, according to PD Yoo In-sik, according to a Naver article from August 10, 2022.

The production crew has reportedly started talking about an estimated filming start date, according to a translation of the Naver story. With the understanding that after they complete the timetable for their upcoming project in November, they would begin filming seriously. Recently, they started hiring employees and getting ready for production, the paper said.

Given that PD Yoo recently wrapped up the filming of the Netflix K-drama Extraordinary Attonery Woo, the start date appears optimistic. The third season screenplay for Dr. Romantic has reportedly been in the works since 2020 when the second season came to an end.

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For Dr. Romantic Season 3, Han Suk-kyu, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Lee Sung-kyung reportedly made a comeback

Three main individuals who worked at the same hospital were the core of the medical romance drama. Boo Yong-Joo/Kim Sa-bu, performed by actor Han Seok-hyu, was the star of the show (Teacher Kim). a qualified surgeon who has a horrific situation. He vanishes, changes his name, and makes a fresh start at a hospital in a tiny town. Han will reportedly reprise his part in Dr. Romantic Season 3.

The third season will take place after the events of the second season and star Lee Sung-Kyung will return. A suspended doctor named Cha Eun-jae was made to accompany Young-Joo and another colleague to Doldam Hospital in the role played by Weightlifting Fairy actor Kim Bok-Joo.

The actor Ahn Hyo-seop joined Dr. Romantic in its second season as Seo Woo-jin before going on to feature in Business Proposal and Abyss. The protagonist is a talented doctor who is shunned by his colleagues. Soompi claims that SBS made a formal announcement regarding the third seasons debut in 2023. Fans may anticipate seeing their favorites return in Dr. Romantic Season 3.

What happened in the finale of Dr. Romantic 2?

Fans should review what transpired in season two of Dr. Romantic before season three. Its crucial to understand how their storylines ended because the primary characters from the second season are returning. Fans realized that Woo-jin was attempting to settle his fathers debt during the course of the season.

He can pay his debts because of his employment and the assistance of Teacher Kim. However, they discover that colleague doctor Bae Moon-Jung owns the loan share firm to which he owes money (Shin Dong-Wook). They find out that Moon-Jung has no interest in working for his fathers dishonest business. Woo-jin feels as though a burden has been taken off of him even though the loan is not actually paid off.

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The happy ending to Eun-narrative Jaes is due to Teacher Kim. After being suspended as a result of an incident during surgery, she joined him at Doldam Hospital. In the surgery room, her confidence was shaken. Teacher Kim works with her to help her restore confidence in her abilities, and it is effective. After discovering that Doldam cares more about her than her former hospital, she decides to stay.

The ownership of the Doldam hospital is one of the remaining difficulties. In the Dr. Romantic 2 conclusion, Teacher Kim is able to separate Doldam Hospital from Geodae Institute.

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