Who Is Sharon Horgan Dating? Lets Dig Into Catastrophe Comadian Lavish Life!

Tim Burgess, a member of the band Madchester, and Sharon Horgan have a connection that definitely raises questions. The Charlatans frontman and the Bafta-winning Irish actress were recently seen kissing on a busy A-road. When Tim became famous in 1990 with the hit song The Only One I Know, Sharon was reportedly a fan. At the time, she was a teenager.

After he tweeted about how much he adored her on the C4 comedy Catastrophe, they started dating. She even contributed vocals to The Charlatans 2017 album Different Days as their friendship grew. According to a source, Sharon and Tim have kept their romance under wraps, but that didnt stop them from sharing a kiss in London close to a busy road.

Is Sharon Horgan Connected to Anyone? Discover Her Dating History

In addition to being a brilliant actress, Sharon Horgan is also very attractive. Around the world, she has a large following of people who are curious about her personal life. On the other side, the actress is currently unmarried. She maintains a low profile and rarely discusses her personal life despite being a famous figure in the entertainment industry.

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The Catastrophe actress is presently having a covert relationship with British singer-songwriter Tim Burgess. Tim tweeted about how much he loved her on Catastrophe, and thats how they met. She tweeted that, and the two started their great friendship. They start kissing right away in the midst of a crowded London street.

They appear to be genuinely in love with one another and careless about anyone seeing them. On the 2017 album Different Days by The Charlatans, Sharon also contributed a song. Despite the extensive media interest, neither side has yet to confirm their affiliation with a source.

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Jeremy Rainbird Has Two Daughters with His Former Husband

Before she began seeing Tim, Sharon Horgan was a contentedly married lady. The woman with an $8 million net worth first met her ex-husband, Jeremy Rainbird, in the early 2000s. He is a prosperous businessman in London as well. After dating for a few years, they made the decision to advance their relationship.

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On October 16, 2005, they said I do in a simple ceremony. They formerly shared a home in London. However, they made an unexpected discovery after fourteen years of marriage. In 2019 they announced their separation and went their own ways.

They still have two daughters even though they are divorced. Their children Sadhbh and Amer Rainbird currently live with Horgan, and Rainbird frequently sees his own kids.

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