Dove Cameron Dating: The Whole Story of This Actress Dating Life!

Dove Cameron hasnt been in a lot of relationships in the past, yet she has still been able to spend seven years of her life in one. Dove Camerons dating history demonstrates that she prefers committed relationships over short-term ones, as evidenced by her three-year romance with Ryan McCartan and her four-year union with Thomas Doherty. For the first time in a very long time, she may also be single.

Cameron confirmed she and Doherty split in October in a tweet from December 2020, and it doesnt appear that shes currently dating anybody new. Camerons two significant romances, which started on the set, certainly suggest that she has a thing for her co-stars.

Is Dove Cameron Dating Anyone? She Appears to Be Single Currently.

Dove seems to be single as of the drafting of this sentence. The actress hasnt recently mentioned seeing anyone in public, and there are no indications on her Instagram that she has a partner of any kind. Following a post on the formers page showing the two looking cuddly together, several fans started to wonder whether Dove was dating fellow actress Veronica St. Clair.

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In the movie, Dove and Veronica can be seen kissing in a scene that looks like an airport terminal. The celebrity said in the pictures caption: My girl, my everything greetings on your birthday from 8,000 miles away. forever, we. Naturally, some people took this to suggest that Dove and Veronica were dating, but in reality, they are just close friends who are expressing their feelings for one another.

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Dove Camerons Past Relationship

Ryan McCartan

On the set of Liv and Maddie in 2012, Cameron and McCartan instantly hit it off, and by the time the shows premiere in July 2013, the two were in a committed relationship. Cameron and McCartan later started their own band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, and in April 2016nearly three years into their relationshipthey got engaged. Just six months later, however, McCartan startled the public when he revealed they had decided to break off their engagement. He tweeted, Dove has decided that she doesnt want this relationship. We remain devoted to one another. This is difficult, so kindly be understanding.

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When asked about the breakup during an interview with Seventeen in July 2019, Cameron didnt immediately discuss the unexpected breakup. She admitted, It was both on- and off screen, and it was my first actual romance ever. I kept a lot of the very low lows I experienced in my first relationship private. My husband absolutely put that into my ear, but I had the idea that I had to keep things looking beautiful all the time.

Thomas Doherty

They became close when they acted together in Descendants 2, and they formally announced their romance in February 2017. In July 2019, Dove opened out to Seventeen Magazine on her genuine first impression of Thomas.

I just kind of assumed he was a playboy, you know? He is far too charming, flirtatious, and attractive for him to be kind to me, she thought, which sounds terrible. I never thought it would go well, I was thinking, Im going to avoid you and make the biggest mistake of my life. He also challenged me to an eye-to-eye stare-off, asking me to see who could endure the eye contact and turn away before I could blink in an effort to gain my attention.

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And we experienced a gamut of feelings together. For example, we would experience extreme happiness followed by extreme sadness before simultaneously laughing. He whispered to me, Ill never forget it, and we both started crying. He said, I guess I just fell in love with you, when we had hardly even spoken.

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