Are Below Deck Cast Camille and Ben Still Together?

Is Camille and Ben Still Together: In Below Deck, several crew members discover love, including newbies Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby from Season 10. The controversial stewardess and deckhand hit it up right away and hung together whenever they could. Their brief affair, however, appeared to come to an end when Camille was sacked by Captain Sandy due to her negative attitude and lack of enthusiasm for her work.

Ben was disappointed by Camilles announcement that she was returning to Mississippi to resume her life after her termination because he was truly enjoying spending time with the 24-year-old blonde beauty. In light of this, fans are eager to learn whether they broke up. Alternatively, are Ben and Camille still a couple? Lets look into it.

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Is Camille and Ben Still Together?

They frequently post pictures to each others Instagram accounts, but its possible that this is all a ruse to keep people wondering about their connection up until the Season 10 finale. Moreover, Camille is spending time in Florida while Ben is back in his home in Australia. The Below Deck cast hasnt been in the same place recently.

Only time will tell if Camille and Ben are still together at this point. But its reasonable to presume theyre at least buddies now given that they post about one another on social media and compliment one another on other websites.

Ben just visited the Above Deck podcast to talk about the reality program. Oh, and in case you were curious, the hosts brought up his relationship with Camille right away. He said that they had a deep bond and compared it to a romantic comedy. If we had to guess, Ben was undoubtedly referring to Sara and Jonathan from Serendipity.

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We honestly just had each other on this boat because she went through a very difficult time, and I believe she relied on my shoulder for that, Ben said on the podcast, adding, It was so amazing to be in that moment with her.

So, it appears like Ben is implying that his relationship with Camille has ended based on the way he said it. He could, however, be media-trained and so restrain himself from saying too much while Season 10 is still airing new episodes.

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