Wheel of Fortune Controversy: Wheel of Fortune Contestant Charlene Gets Her Audi After Just Missing out On the Show

Wheel of Fortune Controversy: After a Wheel of Fortune contestant almost won a brand-new Audi Q3 in the final round but didnt because of a rule about timing, the car company stepped in to make it happen anyway. You all did it! You gave her the answer. Welcome to the family, Charlene! Thursday, Audi tweeted a picture of Charlene standing next to the car and holding the key fob. Were so glad to see you behind the wheel.

On the Dec. 21 episode of Wheel of Fortune, Charlene didnt get to take the Audi home because of a rule. What are you doing? was the last question. After getting lucky with the letters RSTLNE already filled in and guessing most of the other letters to finish the puzzle, she tried saying choosing the right card as the wrong answer.

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Even though she said choosing the right word as the right answer, in the end, she didnt seem to wait the standard amount of time between guesses on the show. This one is hard because you said all the right words, including the word word, but as you know, it has to be more or less continuous, host Pat Sajak said.

Well let you take a short break, but no more than four or five seconds. Sorry, but even though you did a good job of getting it, we cant give you the prize, which was an Audi.

You’re a winner in our eyes, Charlene. Now, let’s get you a prize. Time to #GiveHerTheQ3. https://t.co/x0e3j1CqY9

Audi USA (@Audi) December 22, 2021

Fans of Wheel were not happy, and Audi noticed. The next day, the company replied on Twitter to try to get Charlene the car. We think youre a winner, Charlene, Audi wrote on Twitter on December 22. Now, lets get you a prize. Its time to #AskHer3

Later that night, the company let everyone know that it had found Charlene (probably with the help of Sony Pictures Television, who made The Big Wheel): Theres no community like the Audi community. We found Charlene with your help. There will be more as we work to #GiveHerTheQ3. Fans of Wheel are often vocal on social media, whether they are complaining about rules or making fun of wrong answers.

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Some Viewers Were Confused

Some viewers were confused when contestant Eric won on Dec. 28, a week after a strict rule kept Charlene from winning the Audi. During a bonus round puzzle on that show, Eric seemed to hesitate before giving his final answer. However, Sajak still thought his answer was right. It was called Food & Drink. Eric could only choose three more consonants and a vowel because thats what the rules for the bonus round said.

He picked H, W, P, and A. The board was then full, with only one clear space left. Whole Wheat Pasta was the phrase, and Eric got the puzzle right.

Wheel of Fortune (@WheelofFortune) December 29, 2021

Eric won the game and got a Mazda MX-30 as his prize. He also won $59,150 at the show, which he used to buy a new car. Hold up!! Pat told Eric not to add anything, but Eric added I think before he solved the last puzzle and still won. Wth? Rules are rules, right? @TroyTrotter2 on Twitter wrote.

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