Tsm Controversy: Riot Games Finishes Tsm Reginald Bullying Investigation with A Verdict!

Esports team TSM and its CEO, Andy Reginald Dinh, have long been the subject of controversy. Even though the team has had success, particularly in League of Legends, and has made esports history with its cryptocurrency collaborations, it has been accused of cultivating a hostile work environment, treating people poorly, and abusing Dinh in particular.

Riot Games Investigation Has Verified Some of These Claims

Now that Riot Games investigation has verified some of these claims, Reginald and his squad will pay for the decision.

When it was revealed that Riot was looking into allegations that Dinh had harassed and abused workers, trouble first surfaced back in January. It was also made known that the team was independently looking into the situation on its own internal level. The allegations included calling employees at odd hours of the night to rage at them and use slurs.

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Tsm Broadcaster Doublelift Openly Discussed Dinhs Bullying

Many workers anonymously recounted their harassment experiences, and even former TSM broadcaster Doublelift openly discussed Dinhs bullying on his Twitch channel. Dinh attempted to play down the charges by claiming that he merely has high expectations for himself and his staff and that he can be very direct when expressing dissatisfaction, but the controversy persisted and the inquiries went forward.

When the Washington Post revealed that Dinh and TSM may have broken California labor laws by making certain contract workers perform the duties of full-time employees while underpaying them, the situation took a turn for the worse in May. We finally have some closure on the accusations of abuse made against Dinh, while this specific matter is still open for discussion.

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Probation, Instruction, and Fines

On July 13, Riot Games League Championship Series (LCS), the main League of Legends professional league in North America, made its findings and decision public. There was a pattern and practice of insulting and aggressive behavior demonstrated by Andy Dinh towards TSM players and staff members, the LCS stated in its conclusion.

Dinh will have to go through sensitivity training as well as pay a $75,000 fine to TSM. Additionally, across the Riot ecosystem, he will serve two years of probation. In addition, players of League of Legends will have a tip line they can use to report any future instances anonymously.

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The LCS took pains to make it clear that it only looked into the complaints of abusive behavior and that any other matters, such as potential labor law violations, would need to be resolved by the parties in arbitration or in court.

To yet, neither Dinh nor TSM have commented on these changes. Although Dinh had previously been found not guilty by TSMs internal inquiry, this new, impartial decision may have repercussions for the team moving forward.

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