Prince Andrew Controversy: Why Wearing Military Uniforms by Members of The Royal Family Is Controversial!

In the midst of planning for Queen Elizabeth IIs state burial, controversy has erupted over Buckingham Palaces decision over which members of the royal family would be permitted to wear military uniforms to the official events.

During the four funeral rituals that will take place over the course of the coming week, the Palace informed media outlets on Monday that, with one important exception, only working members of the royal family who hold military positions would be allowed to wear uniforms. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will attend all engagements dressed casually while Prince Andrew, Duke of York, will be permitted to wear an official uniform to one occasion.

Heres Whats Happening and Why Its Causing Some Concern.

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are the only two royal family members who arent employed. They are both former soldiers. During his 22 years in the Royal Navy, Andrew participated in the Falklands War as a helicopter pilot.

Over the course of his ten years of service, Harry completed two active-duty tours in Afghanistan and attained the rank of captain. They left the life of royalty for two very different reasons.

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Following a disastrous BBC interview in November 2019 where Andrew attempted to defend his longtime friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and refute claims that he had sexually assaulted one of Epsteins victims, Andrew was forced to step down as a working member of the royal family.

After the woman filed a federal lawsuit accusing Andrew of sexual assault, he was formally relieved of his honorary military positions, patronages, and use of the title HRH (His Royal Highness) in January. (Andrew, who has consistently maintained his innocence, settled the case for an allegedly large quantity of money.)

The Duchess of Sussex Decided to Leave the World of Royalty.

In January 2020, Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (also known as Meghan Markle), decided to leave the world of royalty. They later claimed that this decision was influenced by the extensive (and, they claimed, racist and unfair) media coverage as well as a lack of support from other members of the royal family and the institution.

Deplorable! Prince Harry denied right to wear military uniform at the Queen’s funeral but Prince Andrew who brought disrepute to Royal Navy & Royal family can?

Harry has impeccable military record, supports wounded war veterans & founded #InvictusGames!

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) September 12, 2022

They were stripped of their formal royal patronages, the right to use the title HRH, and in Harrys case, his honorary military positions, most notably his position as captain-general of the Royal Marines. After being forced to give up his position as the Royal Marines ceremonial head, the duke reportedly took this defeat hard and even sued the Daily Mail over headlines that said he hadnt been in touch with them.

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While Edward Left the Royal Marines and Anne Has No Prior Military Experience

Harry is the only royal with real military experience and they are forcing him to wear a suit to his grandmothers funeral while the rest of the royals play dress up in uniforms and medals they havent earned. All because he had the audacity to protect his wife.

Henry VIII (@SussexHenryVIII) September 12, 2022

All three of Andrews siblingsKing Charles III, Anne, Princess Royal, and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessexhold honorary military ranks and will attend the funeral services for the Queen while dressed in full military regalia. Harrys brother William, Prince of Wales, also has one. While Edward left the Royal Marines and Anne has no prior military experience, both William and the King have served in the military, which has raised some suspicions.

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Monday.

He will wear a morning suit to all the other ceremonies, Buckingham Palace confirmed on Monday. On Tuesday, Harrys spokesperson confirmed that he will not be wearing his uniform for any of the funeral ceremonies in a statement to BuzzFeed News. Andrew will join his siblings in military dress likely his Royal Navy uniform, since he was stripped of his honorary ranks for the Queens final vigil in Westminster Hall as a special mark of respect.

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Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will dress professionally for all occasions honoring his grandmother. We sincerely request that the focus be kept on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIs life and legacy. This perceived double standard has spurred discussion on social media. His decade of military service is not defined by the uniform he wears.

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