Roy Wood Jr. Could Replace Trevor Noah as Host of The Daily Show!

We hear that Roy Wood Jr. is in consideration to replace Trevor Noah as the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, which would be a significant promotion for him.

TMZ has learned from reliable sources that Roy has been considered by Comedy Central as a frontrunner for the role of TDS host for a number of reasons.

Roy has been with the show since 2015, the same year Trevor replaced Jon Stewart as host. He has quickly become a fan favorite and one of the shows most prominent correspondents.

As such, weve heard that CC executives think Roy would make a great host, and theres precedent for this: when Trevor replaced Jon as host, the show was promoted from within.

According To Our Information, Roys contract is also up for renewal, and CC executives are worried he may leave the show due to his increasing popularity and demand on the stand-up circuit.

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It has been revealed that Roy will be promoted to host if he remains with the network, as CC feels this will ensure his continued employment.

According to our information, CC executives have informed Roy that they would like to meet with him to discuss his future as his contract renewal approaches; however, Roy has NOT been told that he is being considered as a replacement for Trevor.

Weve heard that the search for a new host has just begun and that theres some speculation that she may end up getting the job. Were told there have been no final decisions made, once again.

After 7 years at the helm, the daily show became too much of a grind for Trevor, as we reported, and he made the announcement of his departure on Thursday nights episode.

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Really, this is fascinating At the outset of his farewell address, Trevor specifically called out Roy, saying that Roy had just recently reminded him that Noahs seven-year anniversary was rapidly approaching.

Although weve been told that Roy may have known Trevor was leaving the show before the announcement, he never actually said so.

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