Montell Jordan Net Worth: Lets Dig Into American Rapper Diverse Business!

Known professionally as Montell Jordan, Montell DuSean Barnett (born December 3, 1968) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer best known for his 1995 hit This Is How We Do It. Up to his departure from the company in 2003, Jordan was the main male solo performer on Def Jams Def Soul imprint.

Jordan quit the music industry in 2010 to take on the role of worship leader at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia.

Montell Jordan Early Life

New Yorks Brooklyn is where Jordan was born. Later, his family relocated to Las Vegas, where he finished high school and started college.

Jordan began his musical career as a member of the ensemble Sa-Ra Creative Partners following his graduation from the University of Nevada with a degree in entertainment management. With Jennifer Lopez, he has a son named Max (born in 2002).

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Montell Jordans Net Worth

Former American rapper, songwriter, and producer Montell Jordan have a fortune of $500,000. His 1995 hit This Is How We Do It is arguably what made him most famous. Over the years, he collaborated frequently with Def Jam Records, at one point dominating the male solo artist roster on the Def Soul imprint.

In order to concentrate on his work as a born-again Christian, he eventually left the music business in 2010. Jordan is currently in charge of leading worship at World Victory Church in Georgia.

Montell Jordan Career

1995 marked the start of Jordans solo career. Teddy Riley sought him out and asked him to join the band Blackstreet. His debut album, Lets Ride, which was released a year later, went on to sell over four million copies. Since then, Jordan has put out five more studio albums, among them This Is How We Do It, Get It On Tonite, Lets Ride, and More. Jordan has a variety of commercial endeavors in addition to his singing career.

Montell Jordan is a family man when it comes to his private life. Maximilian David Muiz, a son he shares with singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, is his only child (born February 21, 2002).


Montell Jordan had been wed to Kristin Hudson long before he entered the music business. This turned out to be rather problematic for Jordan because Def Jam Records was determined to promote him as a sex icon.

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This image required him to maintain his single status, and the record company even urged him to respond with phrases like Im married to the music when questioned about his romantic life. This ultimately led to Jordans separation from Def Jam Records, as he desired to shed this image and pursue a more responsible public persona. It also turned out to be one of the key reasons for his separation.

Diverse Business

Today, Montell and his wife provide a marriage bundle that is intended to assist partners in developing a deeper, more connected love. Couples who buy this package can enroll in an eight-week program that includes workbooks, booklets, and DVDs.

Financial Problems

Numerous financial difficulties have plagued Montell Jordan over the years. According to a 2012 report, the IRS was requesting $627,00 in unpaid taxes. It is claimed that between 1999 and 2001, these taxes went underpaid. Jordan was the subject of a 2004 IRS lien for these payments, but he failed to make the unpaid balance.

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There was widespread conjecture in response to these claims that Montell might be compelled to return to the music business in order to pay off his obligations. In order to devote himself to his spirituality, he earlier declared his retirement from music.

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