Mimi Morris Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Vietnamese Model? Luxury Lifestyle!

The cast of Netflixs Bling Empire is on its way to ruling reality television. In the show, a group of Asians and Asian Americans living in LA navigate their personal and professional connections while leading luxurious lives. While there will always be a bigger fish within the group, Mimi Morris, a recent addition, has generated a lot of debate.

There is no doubt that Anna Shay and Kim Lee are among the groups wealthiest individuals, with the others also enjoying plenty of luxury. People are curious about how Mimi compares financially to the rest of her cast, though, because of her presence. What is Mimi Morris current net worth? To find out more, continue reading.

Early Life

Mimi Morris was raised in Vietnam, where at the height of the conflict when she was seven years old, she and her seven siblings and sisters were unable to flee their town for safety; instead, they endured two years of famine without access to food or water in a large hole in the ground, according to Netflix.

Later, Mimi immigrated to the US, started her own company, and amassed a million dollars. In 1969, she graduated with an MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California.

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Mimi Morriss Net Worth

Mimi Morriss wealth: Vietnamese model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer Mimi Morris has over $100 million net worth. She is Don Morriss wife, a multimillionaire. Mimi Morris made headlines again when Bling Empire made its way back to Netflix and included her in the upcoming season.


The well-known businesswoman has modeled for numerous firms throughout her career. In April 2022, Morris will make an appearance on Bling Empire on Netflix. Following wealthy Asian and Asian American thrill-seekers as they go all out in Los Angeles with parties, style, and dramatization is a popular show. She will be presented during the season debut on May 13 along with Dorothy Wang, a newcomer to the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills group.

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Personal Life

Mimi has been with businessman Donald E. Morris, CEO of Morris Group International, for ten years and twenty years total.

The youngest of the couples three children, Skyler is eight years old and stars on Bling Empire.

Mimi Morris Had a Hard Upbringing

The proverb where you start is not where you finish perfectly describes Mimi. TheCinemaholic notes that Mimis early years were challenging because she was born at a time of conflict in Vietnam, a subject she also covered in Bling Empire. The unthinkable happened to Mimi when she attempted to flee her nation but was unsuccessful, forcing her and her siblings to spend two years living in a big hole. Eventually, Mimi was able to travel to the United States.

Fortunately, Mimi has been able to level up and achieve success by using the lessons from her history. Mimi has not only served as a model for a number of companies, but she can also pass for a businesswoman and a mother of three.

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Will Mimi Morris Be on bling Empire in Its Third Season?

Mimi was a Season 2 fan favorite, which is no secret. The entrepreneur avoided drama, and fans adored seeing her interactions with other cast members. It is therefore safe to assume that fans are anticipating seeing Mimi in the Season 3 trailers opening sequence. Mimi reveals to Kelly in the video her opulent wardrobe, stocked to the brim with designer clothing that would turn any fashionistas head.

Netflix presently offers Bling Empire seasons 1 and 2, and season 3 will be accessible on the service on October 5, 2022.

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