Meghan Trainor and Jojo Siwa Are Sisters or Otherwise Connected

Even though JoJo Siwa and Meghan Trainor are known for singing about very diverse subjects, their friendship has blossomed overnight.

Additionally, Meghans followers ran with the phrase when she uploaded an Instagram photo of herself with JoJo and referred to her as her baby sis. Now, some believe JoJo Siwa and Meghan Trainor are linked, but there may be a major misunderstanding behind everything.

Are Meghan Trainor and Jojo Siwa Sisters or Related?

Both Meghan and JoJo are unrelated to one other and are not sisters. They are close pals who frequently get confused for family members. It may be argued that they are too closely connected, making it appear as though they are family. In fact, the couple recorded a joint TikTok in which they discussed their relationship.

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When they say youre not actually sisters, Meghan captioned the video with that statement. As the brief clip continues, Meghan is seen dancing with JoJo as they perform the singers song Title.

Jojo Siwas Appearance on Ellen Explored

Jojo recently made the decision to host when making an appearance on Ellens show. In it, Meghan made an appearance as a guest, and they enjoyed a tender moment. One could say that the episode was replete with beautiful moments, from Meghan disclosing personal information to moving JoJo to tears. When she received a $100,000 check for her Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Dance Moms alum sobbed.

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Im just incredibly proud of you, Meghan said. I wanted to give something, so here it is. Activate it! This is going to assist so many kids, JoJo retorted. The charity has received the largest donation yet from us.

A Song in Which the Pair Worked Together?

It is hardly surprising that JoJo and Meghan have collaborated since the two have such a close relationship.

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Jojo had been a guest on Meghans song, I Believe in Santa. In December 2020, this was published. Their friendship, though, has a lengthy history.

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