Kaley Cuoco Revealed in 2010 That She Nearly Lost Her Leg in An Equestrian Accident

Much earlier than it did, The Big Bang Theory almost didnt finish.

According to People, which cites an excerpt from Jessica Radloffs new oral history, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, acquired by Vanity Fair, the Chuck Lorre-created sitcom, which premiered in 2007 and ran for 12 seasons, nearly lost one of its stars in September 2010, when avid equestrian Kaley Cuoco was hurt in a terrible accident while taking a lesson. The actress was riding a horse when she lost control of it, and as she was falling off, the animal stepped on her left leg.

Cuoco Was Brought Right Away to The Hospital, Where She Was Given a Terrifying Decision.

They made me sign a document before my operation that stated, We wont know until we go in there and see this leg, and it could come out that you dont have it anymore, according to Cuoco. However, I was required to sign a document that said, OK, you can, even though it wasnt the case. The episode, according to Lorre, was the darkest, most scary time in all twelve years of the Emmy-winning CBS sitcom, and it had the potential to put an end to it.

Johnny Galecki, Cuocos boyfriend for nearly two years between 2007 and 2009, and co-star on The Big Bang Theory termed the terrifying news devastating to hear.

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The Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institutes Dr. Stephen Lombardo, whom Lorre met at a genuinely providential moment, agreed to assist his leading lady as soon as possible, according to Lorre. Within two hours, she was taken for surgery.

Despite the doctors forecasts that she wouldnt be able to walk for months, Cuoco was able to leave the hospital after just two weeks wearing a walking boot.

The Physicians Acted as Though Cuoco Would Never Be Able to Walk Again

The physicians acted as though Cuoco would never be able to walk again, but everything ended out alright, and I was up and working a week later, Cuoco added. Its still too much to discuss, and it sounds a lot worse than it actually was. Naturally, things started to spiral, and everyone started to panic, which is understandable. People were alarmed. In fact, after seeing Cuoco for the first time following the accident, Galecki claimed he shed tears in my garage.

Cuoco herself recovered enough from her injury to make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a month later. There, she revealed that she had heard her bones fracture, but at the time she had hoped it was the horse trampling on leaves rather than her leg.

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The new book also includes revelations regarding the other actresses who were in the running for Cuocos role of Penny, the precise scene where Cuoco and Galecki fell in love, the reason they ultimately broke up, Cuocos regrets over her drastic haircut prior to Season 8, and how co-star Jim Parsons blindsided the cast when he made the decision to leave the popular show, which led to its cancellation.

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