Space Tourism Pioneer Dennis Tito Books a Trip Aboard Space Xs Starship

The third such spaceflight Elon Musks company has revealed so far was purchased by businessman Dennis Tito and his wife Akiko using SpaceXs Starship rocket.

Tito, 82, who is known for being the first private space tourist after traveling to the International Space Station with Russia in 2001, purchased two seats on a SpaceX mission that would send a Starship to the moon and back over the course of a week.

Tito stated, Ive Wanted to Go to The Moon Since My First Voyage to Space

In a press conference on Wednesday, Tito stated, Ive wanted to go to the moon since my first voyage to space. Akiko, a real estate investor, and pilot were married to Dennis Tito in 2020. She is 57 years old. They intend to fly around the moon as a married couple for the first time.

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Tito and his wife only acquired two seats on the private Starship voyage, as opposed to the other two that were previously publicized and were bought by billionaires Yusaku Maezawa and Jared Isaacman, respectively. As a result, he claimed, 10 more people can join up for the lunar voyage.

Space X Blog Post Made No Mention of Any Financial Arrangements

A brief SpaceX blog post made no mention of any financial arrangements, and Tito declined to comment on the price of the seats. Titos voyage is expected to take three days to reach the moon, go within 125 miles (or around 200 kilometers) of the lunar surface, and then return to Earth, according to Aarti Matthews, head of SpaceXs Starship crew and cargo programs.

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The first-ever individual seat to the moon may now be purchased thanks to this endeavor, which Matthews called very momentous in that it moves society closer to airline-like operations.

However, the missions schedule has not yet been decided and is most likely years away.

Space X Has yet To Launch a Starship Prototype Into Orbit

SpaceX has yet to launch a Starship prototype into orbit, is contracted to launch a costly and well-publicized NASA human moon trip, and must start utilizing the rocket to launch Starlink satellites more quickly. In addition, Titos flight is listed as the third priority among the private crew missions that the business has so far announced. Tito, on the other hand, made it clear that he is aware that the voyage around the moon is not going to happen in the short term.

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He continued by saying that he anticipates SpaceX will accomplish hundreds of Starship flights before he and Akiko take off. However, his enthusiasm for the companys long-term objectives remains unwavering. The 1972-formed investment company Tito created, Wilshire Associates, was sold two years ago. He claimed that he had been searching for something to do since retiring.

For the past five years, Ive been watching YouTube and practically daily following SpaceX, and I could see that there was an opportunity, Tito remarked.

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