Who Is Kurt from What If? Mcu History of Character Discussed

We get to spend more time with lesser MCU characters, which is one really enjoyable aspect of What If? We spend time with side characters from the MCUs early days in the first four episodes, including Howard the Duck, Howard Stark, Betty Ross, and others. Kurt is the subject of our time in Episode 5, which takes place when there arent many people living on Earth who arent zombies. But who is Kurt?

Who Is Kurt in What If?

Viewers who have seen the 2015 MCU film Ant-Man and its sequel, Ant-Man, and the Wasp, may recognize Kurt because he appears in both of them.

He is established as Scott Langs friend in David Dastmalchians portrayal of him.

In What If, he appears alongside Hope van Dyne to help save the arena from the dangers of the zombie apocalypse. After being healed, he rejoins Scott. It is worth taking a moment to consider his former role in the MCU in order to fully grasp the significance of the moment.

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Kurt is a member of a criminal organization when Scott first meets him in Ant-Man, and together they intend to steal from Hank Pym. He knows Luis, one of Scotts friends who he still hangs out with after you get out of jail.

Scott will grudgingly become involved in Kurts criminal activities despite his better judgment and the fact that he is struggling with declining unemployment. He managed to breach Pym Technologies corporate offices, demonstrating his mastery of laptop hacking.

Kurt stole the Entire Episode,

Kurts appearance in this crazy chosen chronology has been praised as something of a fan-favorite second, and the collection has successfully attracted Disney+ subscribers up until this point.

#whatif kurt stole the entire episode lets be real !@Dastmalchian pic.twitter.com/hOKJf8wOCD

Numerous viewers have raced to Twitter to provide their reward. View a few tweets below:

Timeline of David Dastmalchians Ascent

The American actor, 46, is no stranger to playing the lead roles in comic book adaptations and movies.

Prior to playing Polka-Dot Man in James Gunns The Suicide Squad, he gained notoriety for playing one of the Jokers goons in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight. He also played that in his very first movie.

He also appeared in both Ant-Man movies, as weve already established, but thats not all.

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His portrayal of Abra Kadabra in the Arrowverse series recently delighted The Flash fans, and he also portrayed Dwight Pollard in Gotham.

#WhatIf episode 5 spoilers


ivanka | tlat enjoyer (@cooloriginstory) September 8, 2021

However, its not just superhero roles; moviegoers may also be familiar with him from roles in films like Blade Runner 2049 (Coco), The Belko Experiment (Lonny Crane), A Million Little Pieces (Roy), Prisoners (Bob Taylor), Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Nervous Cop), and more.

He has also appeared on television in the roles of Johnson in Reprisal, Boris Chernov in From Now, Murdoc in MacGyver, and Twin Peaks (Pit Boss Warrick).

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Additionally, we may anticipate seeing him in the next blockbuster Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve (Piter De Vries).

Who knows? has started to stream on Disney+.

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