For the Childrens Sketch Show best Day Ever, Samantha Bee and The Sinking Ship Entertainment Team

Variety has heard exclusively that Samantha Bee and Kristen Evermans production business, Swimsuit Competition, will collaborate with Sinking Ship Entertainment to create a sketch comedy series for children.

The single-camera programme Best Day Ever has been compared to adult-themed sketch shows like I Think You Should Leave and Key and Peele, but only includes adults in supporting parts. Allana Harkin is the shows producer, director, and writer. The undertaking will be terminated at MIPCOM 2022. Samantha Bee, 11, reportedly reddened so intensely that she dropped her banana-seat bike. She would have killed for a programme like this, too, Im sure.

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J.J. Johnson, partner and executive producer at Sinking Ship Entertainment, stated, With Best Day Ever, we are attempting to build a dynamic sketch comedy series that brings youngsters delight, awakens their curiosity, and most importantly makes them laugh. Were happy to work with Allana, Samantha, and Kristenfunny and talented ladies who were funny and talented as children.

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On Bees TBS series Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Harkin previously collaborated with Bee. In addition to directing and writing for the show, Harkin served as co-executive producer. She also made an appearance as a correspondent on camera.

Harkin has previously collaborated with Sinking Ship and was a part of the animated programme Dino Dan: Treks Adventures. Harkin inquired, Does anyone know the combination to my locker. Sinking Ship has garnered 24 Daytime Emmy Awards since its inception in 2004 for programmes like Ghostwriter, Dino Dan: Treks Adventures, Odd Squad, and Giver.

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