Tiktok Meaning Of fake Body Explained As Phrase Floods Video Captions

Every day, new words and phrases appear on TikTok, and its tough to keep up with what they all signify. In 2022, the app has its own language of difficult-to-understand Gen-Z terms. The latest TikTok trend is fake body, but what exactly does it mean? Continue reading to discover out.

Fake Body Meaning

TikTok users frequently utilise the word fake body in their video subtitles. It is used when someone posts a video of themselves wearing a suggestive top or bikini. Using this sentence prevents TikTok from removing the video for breaking its minor safety or nudity standards. The statement is frequently expressed as a hashtag with a cautionary emoji, such as this #fakebody.

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oliver (@pileapop) January 16, 2022

Tiktoks Guidelines On Nudity

TikTok has highly stringent nudity policies, and any videos discovered to be in violation are deleted immediately. TikTok states in its Community Guidelines, We do not accept nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on our site.

The app is also highly concerned about kid safety, stating, We do not accept actions on TikTok that perpetuate the abuse, injury, endangerment, or exploitation of minors.

Any content, whether animation or digitally made or modified video, depicting abuse, exploitation, or nudity of children is a violation on our platform and will be deleted when identified, the statement reads. TikTok frequently misinterprets modestly exposing clothing or swimwear as nudity, thus individuals utilize the fake body term to save their video from being banned.

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Tiktok Blocks Explicit Language Too

Language, not only graphic visuals, violates TikToks Community Guidelines. Using curse words or explicit language can cause your video to be deleted, so avoid using them. On TikTok, people frequently employ code phrases to avoid cursing. Instead of saying f***, they say fork, and instead of sayings***, they use the poo emoji.

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