Top 5 Best Free TV Streaming Apps, You Havent Heard Of

Free TV Streaming: No offense intended to free streaming services like Pluto TV and Tubi, but occasionally you want something a bit different. In order to locate cool, obscure apps, Ive been snooping around on Roku, Fire TV, and other streaming services. These sources provide material that is difficult to find in the most widely used applications, such as old movies, cult favorites, odd sports, and other genres.

The following applications are recommended since each one has a distinctive focus: They either showcase their movies and series in original or intriguing ways, or their content isnt accessible anyplace else. Checking them out carries no danger because they are all free to use:

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Kino Cult

While Kino Cult does provide a good number of iconic cult movies, its library of art houses and international movies, which includes the highly regarded Dogtooth (from Greece) and Sheep Without a Shepherd, particularly stand out (from China). A fantastic addition to the app is its 24/7 live stream.


Raygun capitalizes on the low-budget character of its vintage film library with the phrase Movies so awful theyre fantastic. The collection is divided into entertaining sections like Campy Cult and Horrible Horror. In the event that youre unsure of where to begin, there is also a Raygun Roulette option.


This app has a wealth of free streaming documentaries and television shows. Try out The Great Alone, about Iditarod winner Lance Mackey, or Confessions of a Superhero, about the folks who wear costumes on Hollywoods Walk of Fame.


DistroTV is a less well-known substitute for services like PlutoTV, The Roku Channel, and Xumo. It provides foreign films, international news, andbest of alla variety of specialty sports channels. Where else can you witness semi-pro rugby, an international log-sawing championship, and a jai alai tournament all at the same time?

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Drive-In Classics

The three films that make up this compilation of vintage B-movies are Plan 9 from Outer Space, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Attack of the Giant Leeches. The ability to watch 3D movies with an inexpensive set of anaglyph glasses is the feature that stands out the most, though.

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