Forwarding Calls from iPhone: If you are taking a break from your usual phone number, but cannot afford to miss a crucial call. How then do you forward calls? An iPhone function allows you to reroute all incoming calls to a different phone number, allowing you to forward your calls. Thus, everyone who dials your old number will be forwarded to your new number. To forward your calls, you must enable the feature in a few simple steps, but bear in mind that the interface may vary significantly from device to device.

Call forwarding on an iPhone is simple, but you must know whether your carrier uses GSM or CDMA. How? If your iPhone is on AT&T or Verizon, forwarding calls is as simple as navigating to the phones settings. This is also true for several virtual operators, such as Cricket and Metro, that utilize the networks of larger carriers.

In that case, simply follow these instructions to enable call forwarding on your iPhone. If you are with a CDMA provider, continue reading; we also have a guide with all the necessary codes for iPhone call forwarding, but more on that later.

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How to Setup Forwarding Calls from iPhone

On these networks, you can forward calls from your iPhone to another phone by launching the Settings app.

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Here you can add the number to which you wish your calls redirected. Follow the same instructions when you return from vacation to disable call forwarding on your iPhone.

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