How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13?

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13: Your iPhone 13 suddenly displays a popup saying Last Line No Longer Available when you try to make a call. It is peculiar. Just before, your iPhone 13 was functional. What is happening, and why is there a problem? Heres how to solve the iPhone 13 error Last Line No Longer Available and what it implies.

What Does Last Line No Longer Available Mean?

The only cause of the Last Line No Longer Available issue is that your smartphone has two SIM cards in it. Your iPhone 13 is attempting to utilize the default SIM card, but it is unable to establish a connection with that particular number. Maybe you travel with a second SIM card that you may use in different nations and you just forgot to swap.

However, one of the approaches described above ought to resolve the iPhone 13 Last Line No Longer Available problem. We also discussed the No Location Found problem, if youre also seeing it. Or perhaps anytime you try to access Apple Music, you receive an SSL problem.

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How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13

Of course, many mistakes may be fixed with a straightforward update. Apple products arent flawless, after all. Its possible that the recent bug that caused the problem caused enough commotion that Apple promptly issued a patch to address it.

Force a restart if it doesnt work. Depending on the model of your iPhone, you must simultaneously hold the Power and Volume Down buttons or the Power and Home buttons.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Using Airplane Mode is a peculiar but potential fix. When activated, it stops your iPhone from making or receiving calls, sending or receiving messages, and even using the web. Using it is an excellent approach to give the network a soft reset of sorts.

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Clear All Recents and Disable/Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Clearing your recent calls and using Wi-Fi calling are two further potential solutions. Both of the solutions stand alone, but we combined them for greater results.

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