5 Best Clock Widget For Android in 2023

Clock Widget: Your Android device has a nice clock and weather widget, but it lacks two crucial features: customization and functionality. For instance, I am unable to alter the clocks design, color, or orientation. Moreover, the widget does not allow you to map your preferred weather app, to-do list, or group activities.

Fortunately, there are third-party Android clock widgets that offer a plethora of customization options with extra-subtle capabilities like event reminders, live timers, to-do lists, group events, etc. The top 15 clock widgets for Android are shown below.

Best Clock Widgets For Android

1. Digital Clock Widget

A clock widget similar to Pixel is called Digital Clock Widget. It also offers possibilities for customizing things like color, design, and clock style. Customizing the tap option is my preferred choice. For instance, you may set Spotify to launch when you press the time. Its basically a secret method for fast opening your preferred application.

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2. Another Widget

Another Widget is a Pixel-Esque minimalist clock widget, much like the Digital clock Widget. Yet in addition to the customizing that is commonplace, it has even more tricks on its sleeve. The At a Glance widget is one of my favorite Android widgets. Your future events are promptly shown on the homepage and lock screen.

Another Widget goes beyond the At a Glance widget by allowing you to display the number of steps taken, personalized notes, and songs that are now playing. Another Widget is a necessary clock widget if you own a Pixel or stock Android handset.

3. Chronus

The most comprehensive clock widget on this list is Chronus Information Widgets. There are a total of 18 widgets available in addition to the basic clock widget that is provided (13 free and 5 paid). These widgets focus on Google News, weather predictions, and calendar events. With the potential to be customized, the widgets mostly focus on Google applications like Google Tasks, Google Calendar, etc.

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4. Transparent Clock

As the name implies, Transparent Clock is a transparent weather and clock widget. The quantity of meteorological data is comparable to Chronus. Moreover, it offers device metrics such as battery life, temperature, and storage capacity. The timely weather notifications are a good small addition.

5. Overdrop

Overdrop, in contrast to Chronos and Transparent Clock, is a dedicated weather app. It retrieves information from the well-known local weather resource Dark Sky. In addition to the weather data, there is also weather radar and a prediction. Overdrops widget feature, however, costs $9 per year. But, 51 clock and weather widgets are included.

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