Behind the Mystery of The Old Man Seated Behind Home Plate at Yankee Stadium Last Night

We had a good time last night as we watched the Yankees win Game 1 of the ALDS. During the game, a few viewers on the Livestream began to notice the homeless-appearing man positioned behind home plate, between the two bald males seen in the image above.As more and more people began to notice this mysterious man who seemed to have witnessed Babe Ruth live, the internet began to do its thing.

I realized Ive seen this man previously sitting in these seats at Yankee Stadium. Only SOMEONE could occupy those primo seats behind home plate on a daily basis. That is indeed Cliff Burnstein, co-manager of METALLICA and co-founder of Q Prime management.

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What a journey. You have an amazing job managing one of the most renowned rock bands in history, are worth a gazillion bucks, and get to sit behind home plate at the biggest Yankee games every year. Everyone is intrigued by your look and wonders who you could possibly be. Simply a guy who has seen virtually everything and has the world in his hands.

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Considering his age, he must be an avid fan if he is still making it to the stadium often. I would love to hear him rave about IKFs defense, Donaldson slamming a ball off the top of the wall, or Boones pen management.

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