The Superfly Star Kaalan Walker Has Been Sentenced To 50 Years in Prison For Rapes!

Kaalan Walker, who participated in the 2018 film Superfly, was sentenced on Monday to 50 years to life in state prison for several counts of rape, according to the Los Angeles district attorneys office.

In April, a jury found the 27-year-old guilty of three counts of forceful rape, one act of assault to perform oral copulation, two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of intoxication-related rape.

The media contacted Walkers lawyer for comment.

Walkers attorney stated in a statement to USA TODAY at the time of his conviction that Walker maintains his innocence and did not receive a fair trial since the Court disregarded several crucial issues.

According to NBC Los Angeles and Rolling Stone, Walkers convicted charges involve women and juveniles as victims. The sources also allege that Walker was accused of preying on vulnerable women using the promise of picture sessions and industry connections.

According to NBC Los Angeles and Rolling Stone, deputy district attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi stated in court, You will see a horrible side of him. When they yelled Stop, he seemed unconcerned.

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More: SuperFly and Kings star Kaalan Walker was convicted of multiple counts of rape.

According to NBC Los Angeles and Rolling Stone, Flier presented the accusers as liars seeking revenge on his client during the trial.

They will lie to you because they know you fell for his nonsense, he added. It is retribution for Mr. Walker.

Walker portrayed Juju, a rival gang member who opposes the Youngblood Priest character portrayed by Trevor Jackson. The film is a contemporary interpretation of the 1972 film of the same name.

In addition to Superfly, Walker also appears in the 2017 Halle Berry picture Kings and the 2018 television series In Contempt.

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