Best Ancient Civilization-Themed Video Games

Humans have always felt the need to play games and, these days, they have something to offer everyone, whether its a story, a lesson, or just plain fun.

Today, many people preder video games as their source of entertainment. As technology advances, developers have begun to create more complex, expansive games, including fantasy and ancient worlds. To enrich their games, developers often take inspiration from ancient civilizations legends. Some of these games are not only entertaining but also educational, giving players a chance to learn about the history and culture of days gone by.

In this article, well talk about how history has impacted gaming and about the best ancient world-themed games to date.

The Video Game Industry Is on a Roll

In the last few years, the gaming industry has seen an astounding amount of growth. It has come to eclipse the film and music industries combined. Experts believe that this growth is due to the innovations happening in the field.

Of course, these innovations come in all shapes and sizes. For example, technological advancements use body metrics to fully immerse gamers in the moment. On the other hand, gaming companies are forever coming up with fascinating plots,like in Forest 2, where a single plane crash survivor must fend for his life in a strange forest.

Gaming has also served for historical reenactments and education. For example, in Assassins Creed, players can explore the world in tour mode, which describes a particular time periods culture, history, and architecture. Developers have also used subtler approaches to incorporate ancient history into their games, such as building plots around myths and important figures of the time.

With games innovating how we understand the past, theres never been a better time to be a history buff.

Age of Empires

The Age of Empires franchise gets the ball rolling as an all-time ancient civilization classic. This critically acclaimed real-time strategy game allows players to choosefrom various civilizations, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, and have a go at running them.

Players must use their tactical skills to build, manage, and protect their empires. Of course, theyll have to put their work to the test when enemies come to attack.

Gamers have to think of everything long-term, which is quite challenging for the first few tries. Over the course of a few centuries, one slip-up could make everything come tumbling down in a split second.

While its tricky to get the hang of, gamers agree its gratifying.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Over twenty years after its release, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic titles in its genre, and studies have shown that Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable video game characters to date.

Gamers play as Lara Croft as she adventures through ancient tombs spanning the world, including in Egypt, Greece, Peru, and even Atlantis. Unlike Age of Empires, which focuses more on strategy, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider offers exploration, puzzles, and artifact collection.

Gonzos Quest

While most of the titles on this list strictly take place in the ancient era, some play with time. In Gonzos Quest, players follow a conqueror as he explores the ancient city of Eldorado.

Gonzos Quest is a unique slot game that meshes together action and wonder. The game takes place in South America, most likely in a Mayan city. Developers managed to craft some unique symbols to truly encapsulate the essence of the mighty civilization. Gonzo, in a style much like Lara Croft, must venture through the citys vast towers looking for precious treasures. As players join Gonzo on his search, they might come across the avalanche feature, which is like a cascading reel taken to the next level.

With its thrilling story and clever graphics, Gonzos Quest also offers twenty pay lines and five reels. However, its also got an element of strategy to it, reminiscent of titles like Age of Empires.

Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey

With Origins coming out in 2017 and Odyssey in 2018, gamers see the two titles as a dynamic duo.

Assassins Creed: Origins is set in ancient Egypt. It follows the story of Bayek, a Medjay who must protect his people from the forces that seek to harm them. Throughout his quest, he crosses paths with key figures of the time, including Cleopatra.

Odyssey, on the other hand, takes place in ancient Greece. Set in 431 BCE during the Peloponnesian War, the game lets you engage in naval combat and recruit mercenaries to help you on your journey. Like in Age of Empires, players must manage their city-states and protect them from enemies.

Critics have tried to determinewhich title is the best, but gamers agree that the two complement each other in many ways. Together, the duo is an iconic representation of ancient society and perhaps one of the most faithful and historically accurate titles on the list.

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