Is Netflix Black Summer Season 3 Set To Release in December 2022?

Since June 2021, fans of the post-apocalyptic drama starring Jaime King as Rose, one of the shows key protagonists, have been awaiting news. Some fans are concerned that the third season of Black Summer has been canceled due to Netflixs absence of an official renewal or cancellation announcement as of March 2022.

On March 7, the media reported that Jaime King had been cast in the upcoming film Mans Son. She will co-star with Frank Grillo. People are questioning if Netflix discreetly terminated Black Summer, given that the shows star is currently being cast in other projects.

Nonetheless, Mans Son is a film, so its not that alarming. Between seasons of filming for their television series, many performers work on cinematic projects. If King was cast as the main character in a new television series, it would be somewhat worrying.

Will There Be a Black Summer Season 3?

We cannot disagree that nearly a year of silence from Netflix is a negative indicator for the future of any show. Black Summer has never achieved the same level of popularity as other zombie series, such as The Walking Dead or even the more current All of Us Are Dead. It is becoming more difficult to believe in the future of the show on the streaming service.

The two-year gap between the first and second seasons of Black Summer was primarily caused by the pandemic. Could this occur again? Will Netflix simply delay the return of the show for a while?

Based on this timeframe, it is safe to assume that the Black Summer Season 3 will not arrive until late 2022 or early 2023. Hopefully, as the limits on Covid-19 are gradually eased, production will operate smoothly, and we will experience Black Summer Season 3 sooner than the previous season.

Can We Expect to See Jaime King inBlack Summer Season 3?

Another option is that the program will be revived, but Jaime King will not be a part of it, at least not in a leading position as in the previous two seasons.

Why does this option exist? Because her characters destiny remains largely unknown in the Season 2 conclusion of Black Summer. If her character is eliminated, it would also explain why she is seeking out new opportunities. Rose was not only left injured but she and a few others were also abandoned at the airstrip. Therefore, her fate cannot be determined with certainty.

Some Hope For Black Summer Fans

Despite all, in an interview with Express published a few months after the Season 2 debut, King praised the show. She stated that she had ideas for the shows third season and that she was eager to get the writers room going again, adding that Black Summer is the kind of series that might go on forever, but I think it would be extremely powerful to do it in just three seasons, if possible.

So not all news is negative! It appears that King still has a stake in the show, therefore the casting news for the film should not frighten anyone. For the time being, all we can do is rewatch the show and wait for Netflix to make a final decision.

Black Summer Season 3: Speculated Cast

Below is the speculated cast of the Black Summer Season 3:

Black Summer Season 2: Recap

Following the events of the first season, Rose, Anna, Spears, and Sun continue their journey north while fighting the undead. The airstrip is their destination, where they will presumably find the jet that will carry them away. Anna and Rose depart after realizing that Spears wounds will slow down the rest of the battle.

Sun attempts to rescue Spears, but a terrorist organization commanded by the fearsome Ray Nazeri kidnaps her. Rose and Anna advance and seek refuge in a mansion. A handful of the early tenants of the house leave to retrieve the airdrop as competing interests emerge, despite the estates inviting atmosphere.

In their absence, an older widow with hives and her two sons, the neurotic Sonny and the timid Freddie, assume control of the family. Rose and Anna maintain their vigilance. On Sonnys persuasion, Freddie goes out at night to collect wood. A woman is threatened by Sonny to contact the pilot.

Sonny shoots the woman after she commits a mistake. However, she transforms into a zombie, endangering the lives of others. To alleviate the situation, Rose and Anna execute the remaining individuals. By the time Freddie arrives, his family has passed away.

However, the extremists have encircled the residence, leaving Rose outnumbered. The adversaries instructed Sun to wave a white cloth to show that they are on the side of good. Rose is unconvinced, and as the enemy breaks the bunker, she and Anna take refuge in the bathtub.

In the meantime, they encounter Boone, who had been hiding in the mansion before their arrival. Rose is persuaded by Boone that he is a blessing, and with his assistance, she and Anna reach the Elk Valley Lodge, where they find a years worth of provisions.

Spears, to his surprise, is still alive. He advances after meeting Braithwaite, an old associate. In a dramatic twist, we learn that Spears real name is Little James. His former employer was his gangster brother, Big James. Little James and Braithwaite are old friends, and as Braithwaite helps Spears recall, we learn that Spears, aka Little James, shot Braithwaite twice in the past.

It is nothing short of a miracle that both of them are alive and available to one other, but Braithwaite believes that the past should be left in the past because tough times bring individuals closer together. Braithwaite acquires a horse, whilst Spears continues on foot.

Near the airdrop, factions congregate, and gunfights ensue. Mances crew is the first to arrive, but they are detained at gunpoint. The gunner proposes a compromise: they will carry the crate to the crest and divide the contents equally. However, the crate is hefty, and Mance loses his grasp and falls back down the incline. His friends Jase and Natalie grab the opportunity to escape, leaving Mance to face zombies alone.

Other factions soon follow, and Sun finds herself caught in the crossfire as her attempts at pacification fail. Meanwhile, Spears arrives at the Elk Valley Lodge, and Rose is shocked to discover that he is still alive. Spears requests death, and Anna agrees. Later, as winter draws to a close, Rose and Anna make their way to the airfield, where the remaining factions clash. As the hostile scenario spirals out of control, the living is outnumbered by the undead.

Black Summer Season 3: Trailer

Currently, Netflix hasnt officially released any trailer for Black Summer Season 3 yet. However, you can check the Black Summer Season 2 trailer below:

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