Who Is Jason Sudeikis Dating: Daniel Jason Sudeikis is a Fairfax, Virginia-born American actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter. Sudeikis is most recognized for his parts in Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass, Were the Millers, and Horrible Bosses 2. Mothers Day, Colossal, and The Angry Birds Movie

Who Is Jason Sudeikis Dating?

As of March 2023, the comic writer is apparently single, despite having a love relationship with a Ted Lasso co-star. Additional information is provided below.

Jason Sudeikis Dating History

Keely Hazell: 2021 2022: It was confirmed that Sudeikis has been dating Keely Hazell for around a year. Hazell portrays Bex in the popular AppleTV+ series Ted Lasso, the third season of which premiered on March 15, 2023.

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A source told The Sun in May 2022, Jason has always considered Keeley extraordinarily attractive, and hes told colleagues hes had a thing for her since her Page 3 days. They had been friends since meeting on the set of Horrible Bosses 2, where they both worked. They began dating in February 2021 and were seen in New York City a few months later engaging in intimate behavior.

But, after a year together, they parted ways. After a brief relationship, a source told E! News in July 2021 that the father of two and actress was no longer romantic. They stated, Jason and Keeley were never in a serious relationship. It was certainly never a serious matter. At the season three premiere of Ted Lasso on March 7, 2023, in Los Angeles, Sudeikis and Hazell maintained their distance.

Olivia Wilde: 2011 2020: In a 2017 interview with Stephen Colbert, Sudeikis recalled how he and Wilde met at the 2011 Saturday Night Live finale party and hit it off. Later that year, they went on their first date, but did not kiss until their fourth date, Wilde told Howard Stern in March 2016. The moment he finally kissed me, I was utterly smitten. In January of 2013, Sudeikis proposed to Wilde, who became pregnant with their first child, Otis, in October.

After the birth of their son, Otis, in August 2014, Wilde told Glamour that the couple was in no hurry to get married and were simply enjoying being parents. In many ways, a child represents a greater commitment. We are completely committed and incredibly content as a family, she said.

There is no longer a definition of normal family. Nowadays, children are growing up with a variety of meanings of family. I suppose Im saying that I dont feel compelled to do it. But I believe it will be a lot of fun. In April 2016, Wilde announced she was pregnant with the couples second child, a daughter named Daisy. The kid was born in October of the same year.

Four years later, in November 2020, People announced that Wilde and Sudeikis had broken off their engagement. Its been amicable, and theyve established a wonderful co-parenting routine, claimed a source. Children are the focal point and priority of the familys relationship.

Wilde was seen holding hands with Harry Styles in January 2021, after they met on the filming of Wildes film Dont Worry Darling. A source told People that Sudeikis was heartbroken and that he wishes there was a way for them to restore things.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in September 2022, Wilde admitted that her relationship with Sudeikis had run its course, but denied that she had cheated on him with Styles. The notion that I abandoned Jason for Harry is simply false, Wilde stated. Our relationship ended prior to my meeting Harry. Like the dissolution of any relationship, it does not occur overnight. Unfortunately, Jason and I had a very rocky relationship, and we finally ended it around the beginning of the epidemic.

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As it became apparent that cohabitating was no longer advantageous for the children, it became the responsible thing not to, since we could be better parents as friends who live in different places, she said of their custody struggle. I changed significantly between the ages of 27 and 35. I discovered that I was a director. And I believe I have discovered my individuality. And occasionally, as you progress, you outgrow relationships based on an earlier version of yourself.

On April 27, 2022, while presenting Dont Worry Darling in front of 3,000 people at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Wilde was interrupted by a woman who handed her an envelope marked Personal and Confidential. Is that for me? Wilde remarked that the envelope was quite mysterious before announcing to the audience that she was going to open it now because it seems like a script. When she opened the envelope and discovered that it contained custody documents from Sudeikis, Wilde re-enclosed the papers and responded, OK, got it. Thank you. She proceeded her presentation on Dont Worry, Sweetheart without more reference to the envelope.

In court filings obtained by Us Weekly on August 10, 2022, Jason stated, I did not want service to occur at Olivias current partners residence since Otis and Daisy could be present, referring to Styles at the time. Since parents might be present, I did not want the service to be held at the childrens school.

Afterward, Sudeikis apologized to Wilde for interrupting her speech. I realize that the process server was merely doing her job, but I profoundly regret what occurred, he stated. Olivias speech was a professionally and personally significant event for her, and I am terribly sorry that the incident ruined her precious moment.

Weeks later, the actor from Tron: Legacy thought on the situation and how inappropriate it was. Attempting to sabotage that was extremely cruel. But, I had work to do; I am not often sidetracked, she told Variety in late August 2022. But, I must admit that I was not wholly surprised. I mean, I left that relationship for a reason.

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