Oreo Controversy: Officials in the UAE have issued a clarification in response to a viral social media rumor that Oreo cookies are not halal. Recent reports claim that Oreo cookies are not halal since they include pork and alcohol. The UAEs Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) stated, We regret to notify you that this is untrue.

The ministry stated that Oreo cookies do not contain any ingredients or derivatives derived from animals, such as fat and grease. Laboratory analysis of the product revealed that it matched the claims on the food label. Regarding the claim that the cookies contain alcoholic ingredients, the authorities stated that this is not accurate due to the dry content of the product and the results of laboratory tests.

The ministry confirmed that all imported and traded foods are subject to an integrated system of procedures and programs that assure the highest safety standards and adherence to the countrys approved specifications.

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The MoCCAE urged individuals to refrain from disseminating unverified information. The Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) has taken note of the social media post on the biscuits containing alcohol and lard (pig fat) derivatives.

Adafsa claimed there is no evidence to support the assertion. The government confirmed that all shipments of Oreo cookies brought into the country are inspected and their documentation is verified.

Regarding the first assertion that Oreo biscuit goods contain alcohol, many food items contain trace amounts of ethanol as a byproduct of fermentation that occurs naturally during manufacturing. This is typical in food goods, according to the authority.

Adafsa ensures that these items adhere to the UAE standards limits, ratios, and controls. The standard prohibits the addition of liquor, alcoholic goods, and ethanol (ethanol) to food at all processing and handling stages.

The UAE norm, which is sanctioned by Gulf Sharia authorities, specifies the maximum levels of ethanol permitted in food products. Adafsa has ensured that Oreo cookies adhere to the permitted limits.

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Pig Fat Claim

The authority stated that the internet notion that Oreo cookies contain lard is unfounded. The biscuit contains emulsifiers derived from plant or animal sources, such as lecithin. Adafsa certifies the origins of halal food products and prohibits the inclusion of non-halal substances. The government also collects samples of these items and analyses them in food laboratories to confirm the animal ingredient sources

Food shipments are not permitted to be traded on the markets of Abu Dhabi unless it has been determined that they are safe, comply with all applicable regulations, and do not contain unapproved ingredients or come from unapproved sources. They must also comply with the applicable UAE norms and technical laws, according to Adafsa.

The authority monitors news regarding the various market-available products. If necessary, preventative precautions are taken and non-halal goods are removed.

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