Chris Brown Controversy: Singer Has Long Been Accused of Abusing Women!

When Chris Brown was charged with his first crimea battery charge for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihannahe went from being a wholesome R&B adolescent singer with Michael Jacksons potential to a more evil pop culture monster. Since then, allegations of abuse and battery have dogged the singer and dancers public image, notably those made by women who have made police reports about him.

The fact that he was detained this week on suspicion of assault with a lethal weapon serves as a reminder that Brown has a troubling history of violence towards women, which constantly poses a threat to his music career, which he has continued to pursue. We take a look at a timeline of charges and legal encounters here.

February 2009: Rihanna Abuse

Prior to a brutal altercation between Brown, then 19, and Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, that made headlines, Browns public image had been spotless. The couple had a public fight after leaving a pre-Grammy party the night before the Grammy Prizes, where they were up for two awards apiece.

There were obvious bruises and contusions all over Rihannas arms and face. After Rihanna was admitted to the hospital, he was charged with battery. In March 2015, Brown formally finished his probation.

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March 2011 Interview with Robin Roberts

Chris Brown spoke with Robin Roberts in an interview for Good Morning America two years after he was accused of violence. Brown reportedly rushed off the set after the host confronted him about the domestic abuse case and shattered a window in his dressing room.

2012 February Phone Theft

When Brown saw a woman snapping a photo of him outside a club in Miami Beach while he was there, he grew agitated. According to Christal Shanae Spanns police report, the musician took her phone out of her hands and drove off with it in order to prevent any pictures from being released to tabloids. One count of robbery was brought against him.

June 2013, Club Shove

When Deanna Gines accused Brown of pushing her to the ground in Orange County, they got into another club-related argument. After the event that caused her to have ruptured ligaments in her right knee, she stated she would require surgery.

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2015 September: Bus Assault

When a woman refused to hand up her cell phone during a video shoot in Colorado, Brown physically expelled her off his bus. The woman, who was not involved in the photo shoot, also asserted that her phone was broken and reported a third-degree assault.

Las Vegas Face Punch: 2016 January

Brown was accused of hitting a woman in the face and stealing her phone in a Las Vegas nightclub, but he escaped prosecution. Liziane Gutierrez asserted that prior to the assault, she had been attempting to grab a picture with Brown at a personal gathering.

2016 May Manager Attack

Following accusations that Brown had violently assaulted his previous manager Mike G, the performers tour manager Nancy Ghosh asserted that he had threatened to harm her as well and severed connections with the artist.

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Threat with A Gun: August 2016

After a standoff at his residence, Chris Brown was taken into custody by the LAPD. After visiting his house, a woman claimed that the musician had threatened her with a gun. As the police waited outside after being informed they would need a search warrant before entering during the standoff, Brown posted a number of images and videos to Instagram claiming his innocence.

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