Everly Brothers Net Worth: Don Everly, the elder of the two brothers, was born in Brownie, Kentucky on February 1, 1937. In the 1940s, their father, Ike Everly, had a radio show on KMA and KFNF in Shenandoah, Iowa, where the boys made their singing debut.

In the 1950s, while residing in Knoxville, Tennessee, they continued their musical development and formed The Everly Brothers while recording their debut album for Columbia Records in early 1956. However, their debut single was unsuccessful, and the brothers were subsequently dropped by their record label.

What Was Everly Brothers Net Worth?

Don Everly was an American musician who passed away in August 2021 with a net worth of $20 million. He is most recognized as one of The Everly Brothers country-influenced rock and roll singers.

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Don Everly Career

After their initial success, there was no turning back. Each of their singles was a success when it was released. Their success in the United States and the New Kingdom landed them a 1957-58 tour with Buddy Holly. Success came naturally to them. Don was able to get the notice of Chef Atkins, who at the time was a country musician.

Both Don and Phil began recording for Columbia Records shortly thereafter. The introduction of The Everly Brothers to Cadence Records and Acuff-Rose as composers set the way for their first hit record. After that, there was no turning back. After signing with Cadence Records, The Everly Brothers joined Warner Bros. During the 1960s, they focus on releasing Cathys Clown.

Cathys Clown became their best-selling single of all time, selling eight million copies. Among their many popular singles are Walk Right Back and Crying in the Rain. They worked with musicians such as Simon & Garfunkel. After a period of separation, the Everly Brothers attempted solo music but failed. Subsequently, they reunited and in 1986 produced their final single, Born Yesterday.

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Personal Life

Don was previously married to Venetia Stevenson, followed by Mary Sue Ingraham, and finally Adela Garza. Three of his offspring were with Venetia Stevenson, and one was with Marry Sue Ingraham.

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