Victoria Beckham Reveals Why She Removed Her Husbands Initials from Her Body

Victoria Beckham has dispelled speculations regarding her recent tattoo removal. The former Spice Girl put the record straight on Thursdays episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna in response to rumors that her tattoo of husband David Beckhams initials looked to be extremely faded in recent images.

Beckham, 48, is removing many tattoos, not only the letters on her inner wrist, since she dislikes them. She told Hoda Kotb, They just werent that attractive. It has no significance beyond that.

She went on: I believe the media began to assume that I was leaving my spouse. No, I was simply bored with the tattoo. Its that straightforward.

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The mother of four further stressed that she is not averse to tattoos and praised the beautiful ones on her husband and children. However, some of her own, which she received a very long time ago, began to bleed and become a kind of bluey color, necessitating a cleaning.

The Today host also questioned Beckham about her eldest son Brooklyns six-month-old marriage to Nicola Peltz Beckham and what lessons she taught him about marriage. She stated, I believe that you can never truly provide advise. The children must find things out on their own, but you must be there, and were extremely close.

The duo also discussed Beckhams namesake fashion and cosmetics label, which just debuted its spring/summer 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

The celebrity stated, Professionally, Ive just experienced a monumental moment for my brand. Returning to showcasing my creations with my first major exhibition in Paris felt like such an accomplishment post-COVID.

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She said, In the midst of the epidemic, I told myself, If Im fortunate enough to perform another show, Ill thoroughly enjoy it.’ Hoda commended the designer for her display of vulnerability at the exhibition, where she cried after getting overcome with emotion.

Beckham stated, I intended on coming out and having a wonderful photo at the conclusion of the event. I simply saw my husband, my children, and my parents, and I became quite emotional since it was such a momentous day, she said.

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