Native American Activist Sacheen Littlefeather, Most Famous for His Oscars Speech, Died Away at Age 75.

The Native American civil rights crusader Sacheen Littlefeather, best remembered for turning down Marlon Brandos best actor Oscar for The Godfather in 1973, passed away on Sunday night at the age of 75, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and her family.

According to Her Family, She Had Breast Cancer.

The Academy quoted her in a tweet after learning of her passing, Never forget that whenever you stand up for the truth, you are preserving not only my voice but also the voices of our countries and our people when I am gone.

Ill still be Sacheen Littlefeather. Many thanks. Littlefeather made history by taking the stage for the first time as a Native American woman at the Oscars in an outfit made of buckskin and moccasins in October 1973.

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She Said in A 60-Second Speech that Brando Was Unable to Accept the Honor.

Some audience members booed her. Backstage, John Wayne was said to be enraged. The American Indian Movement occupied Wounded Knee in South Dakota for two months while the 1973 Oscars were being held there. Littlefeather declined the Oscar on Brandos behalf, according to her familys statement on Sunday put an end to Native Americans being stereotyped in the media, especially in sports and television.

As a result, Sacheen endured an almost 50-year period of discrimination, personal harassment, and attacks The statement carried on.

In a letter written in June by the Academys then-President David Rubin, the organization officially apologized for the way Hollywood had treated her.

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The abuse you received as a result of your statement was uncalled for and unjustified, wrote Rubin. Your emotional toll and the damage to your own career in our field are both unrepairable. Too long has passed without anyone recognizing the courage you have shown. We apologize profusely and express our genuine admiration for this.

Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American civil rights activist who famously declined Marlon Brandos 1973 Best Actor Academy Award, dies at 75.

The Academy (@TheAcademy) October 3, 2022

In a statement, Littlefeather said it was profoundly uplifting to realize how much has changed in the 50 years after I refused to receive the Academy Award.

The Academy Museums David Geffen Theater in Los Angeles

The Academy Museums David Geffen Theater in Los Angeles hosted what the family called a heartfelt commemoration in September, with a sold-out audience in attendance.

The family stated: Even though many people judged Sacheen and treated her poorly, she forgave them all, did not carry grudges, and carried on with her life in a positive way, showing everyone love and forgiveness.

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Littlefeather was a model and actress who appeared in Billy Jack in 1974, Winterhawk the following year, Reel Injun in 2010, and Sacheen: Breaking The Silence in 2018. According to the family.

Later this month, Littlefeathers Requiem Mass is expected to take place in Fairfax, Californias St. Rita Church.

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