How Did The Renowned Opera Singer ngela Peralta Die?

ngela Peralta how Did She Die: The singer was born on July 6, 1845, in Mexico Citys Las Vizcainas neighborhood. Mara de los ngeles Manuela Tranquilina Cirila Efrena Peralta Castera was her true name. Josefa Castera de Peralta and Manuel Peralta were her parents (mother). Her mother was a teacher, while her father was a soldier. She hasnt provided any information on her siblings, though.

She was musically inclined from an early age. She then continued on to further her studies at the Conservatory Nacional de Musica, a music school in Mexico Citys Polanco neighborhood. Later, she continued her musical education with Leopardi in Italy.

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ngela Peralta how Did She Die

While on a trip to northern Mexico, she passed away from yellow fever. A yellow fever outbreak that almost overtook the entire city claimed the lives of Angela and 76 of the groups 80 members just a few days after they arrived in Mexico for their tour.

On the top floors of Teatro Rubio, Mazatians hotel Iturbide, she passed away on August 30, 1883. The singers body was in the lay condition before she was buried, wearing one of her opera costumes and her most precious jewelry. Her bones were later exhumed and transported to Mexico Citys Panteon de Dolores Rotunda de Hombres in 1937.

ngela Peralta Family

Eugenio Castera, a relative, was the man she was wed to. She stopped performing music after getting married, but she kept writing songs and different piano pieces. During her time off, she wrote lbum Musical de ngela Peralta, one of her well-known works.

Angela Peralta was, regrettably, in a miserable marriage since her spouse was suffering from a mental disease. Their first year of marriage was when the condition started to show up. Her spouse was received by a Parisian psychiatric institution. But he, unfortunately, died in 1876.

It was rumored that the opera singer had an affair with famed Mexican businessman and lawyer Julin Montiel y Duarte in the middle of the 1870s. After the social elite class of Mexicans began to boycott her performances, the situation became notorious.

She made a commitment to never perform in Mexico City once more and maintained it. On her deathbed, Angela married Julin Montiel y Duarte. The singer is said to have been asleep during the wedding ceremony.

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Singer ngela Peraltas Net Worth

The well-known opera singers estimated value at the time of her passing was $250,000. She earned this amount of money through her work in the music industry as a vocalist, composer, and instrumentalist. Additionally, she made money through album sales, music performances, and tours.

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