Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer: A Manager Responds to Rumours

Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer: Andrew Tate, a contentious online critic, is presently being held by Romanian authorities on suspicion of organized crime, rape, and people trafficking. The former kickboxer gained notoriety last year and faced a lot of backlash for his attitudes toward women. He is currently imprisoned as the allegations against him are being looked investigated. Tate begged for release, but his request was just turned down for a fourth time, and a fresh medical diagnosis is further stoking the flames.

Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer?

The diagnosis of lung cancer was real, according to Andrew Tates management, who addressed the reports on March 3. He said on his Instagram stories, Alright, a lot of people are asking me whether [the] Tate lung cancer rumor is genuine. Yeah, thats correct. I was the one who drove him to and from the Dubai hospitals. I cant disclose any additional details at this time.

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Andrew Tates manager confirms reports that hes diagnosed with lung cancer

Dexerto (@Dexerto) March 3, 2023

Adin Ross reacts to claims Andrew Tate has cancer

Adin responded to the stream immediately and posted it to his YouTube account, where it received around 120k views in the first three hours. Adin reads the trending tweet and screenshots of what they say are Andrew Tates medical records in the video.

They could be trying to murder him, dude. Im not even joking. He remarked before reading the further tweets, This is horrible, talk. They arent attending to him? There is no way they are attempting to force him to leave like that. They are attempting to kill him, dude. You guys have no idea how screwed up it is.

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Adin later said in the video that he was turned away from Romania when he tried to visit Tate there. I was planning to travel to Romania to meet and see Andrew, but they blocked my entry since the case was so significant. It only goes to illustrate how serious this is, he said.

Recently, Tates manager responded to the cancer allegations on social media, writing, Yeah, its true, I was the one driving with him to the hospitals in Dubai, in an Instagram stories post.

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