How Did Tobirama Die in Naruto? All About Kinkaku in Naruto

How Did Tobirama Die: In his younger years, Kinkaku and his brother Ginkaku were a member of the group tasked by the First Raikage of the Village Hidden by Clouds with hunting down the Nine-Tailed Fox. They were sucked alive by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox in their endeavor to capture the Tailed Beast.

But by eating the tailed beasts meat, the two brothers were able to remain alive. So much so that the Demon Fox ultimately had to spit them out. The two brothers appeared as smaller copies of the beast after ingesting its flesh and absorbing some of its chakra.

To take control of the Hidden Cloud Village, the two brothers plotted a coup dtat. They timed their assault to coincide with the signing of a peace agreement between Hidden Leaf Village and Hidden Cloud Village. The Second Raikage, A, and Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, were present for the conference. Tobirama escaped this confrontation with barely a scratch on his body.

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Kinkau Force later approached Tobirama Senju and his escort unit during the First Great Ninja War and cornered them. The Second Hokage finally passed away by Kinkaku after using the Hokage as a ruse to let his soldiers go without suffering any fatalities. Kinkaku is regarded as one of the most infamous and renowned criminals in Hidden Clouds history as a result of the deeds he committed throughout his lifetime.

How Did Tobirama Die?

The First Great Ninja War claimed the life of Tobirama Senju, the Hidden Leaf Villages Second Hokage. Senju served as a scapegoat and was killed by Kinkaku in order to free his soldiers since he and his escort squad were being besieged by the Kinkaku Force.

Tobirama vs Izuna

The younger brother of Hashirama was Tobirama, while the younger brother of Madara was Izuna. Both Tobirama and Izuna were in conflict with one another throughout the years-long conflict between the Senju Clan and the Uchiha Clan. And in one of those encounters, Tobirama defeated Izuna in a one-on-one match.

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Izuna employed fire-style jutsu and his Sharingan to catch Tobirama off surprise. Naturally, Tobirama responded with water-style jutsu. The fire and water evaporated as a consequence. Tobirama also launched a number of Kunai towards the smoke screen. Izuna evaded the Kunai blades with ease. On one of the Kunai, though, was his Flying Raijin Marker.

Quickly teleporting there, Tobirama slashed Izuna, inflicting a fatal wound. Madara accompanied his younger brother in the escape after coming to save him.

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